Antietam Academy, Emma K. Doub students do 'Dreaming Me' project

January 13, 2013

Art students at Antietam Academy and students at nearby Emma K. Doub Elementary School collaborated on a project titled “Dreaming Me,” which stresses mentoring, relationship building, creativity and imagination.

For a few years now, two art teachers at the schools have been putting their minds and their students together for the project.

 The collaboration is between Michael Maginnis’ art students at Antietam Academy and Rachel Barnhart’s students at Emma K. Doub Elementary School.

The art students at Antietam Academy begin by creating compositions that picture themselves in the role of their future selves, complete with uniform and background.

Then the collaboration begins.

Antietam’s art students meet with Emma K. Doub students and share their compositions.

The elementary students are asked to dream about their own futures and make their own pictures with the help of the older students.

The activity, which spans two or three sessions, typically includes a show and tell in which the students of Emma K. Doub share their work with everyone.

Antietam Academy’s day school program is for students with academic and behavioral difficulties. Working with the students from Emma K. Doub allows them to take on a positive role as mentors and guides to the younger students. This allows them to do something that flies in the face of their often negative stigma and inundation with negative experiences, the teachers said.

Maginnis and Barnhart said they are proud of the collaborative effort and look for it to continue in the future.

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