Togetherness and sweet treats make quite a combo

January 10, 2013|Lisa Prejean

My husband celebrated his birthday on Wednesday. We marked the occasion by lighting candles, eating cake and attending our kids' practices, games and lessons.

Thankfully, this week was not completely of the divide-and-conquer variety where he's in one place with one teen and I'm in another with the other one. At least we did some of this week's events together.

During halftime of one game, my husband and I balanced a tray of food between us, sharing the space for our burgers and fries. It wasn't the healthiest meal for this time of year with all the talk of shedding post-holiday weight. Oh, well, I reasoned. What's one order of fries?

I got over my guilt and became absorbed in the third quarter.

Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw him coming with an ice cream sundae ... and two spoons.

People sitting nearby teased us about him wining and dining me with a romantic treat. Of course, I had to have a couple of bites after he went to all that trouble to celebrate his birthday.

But wait. It gets even better. Birthday and holiday mornings at our house are typically celebrated with warm cinnamon rolls, straight from the oven. Of course, we had to continue this tradition. I didn't want my hubby to feel slighted on his special day.

Plus, there has to be birthday cake after the evening meal. My husband is partial to cheesecake, so I picked up one at a local store. There are four varieties in this package, so he'll probably want to try each one before the week has ended.

Please don't calculate the fat grams and calories of all these treats for me. I know the total would make me cringe, even though our splurges were distributed throughout the week. Thankfully, we don't eat like this all the time.

Most days, our meals consist of stir-fry and salad, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. I like what one of my college friends used to say, "There are no junk foods, just junk diets."

During some weeks, food has to fit around our schedules, and that requires deviating from the choices we would normally make. Not to mention that birthdays often include special treats, so having a birthday in the middle of a busy week makes for a double whammy.

Life is so busy with two teenagers in the house, we have to take the moments as they come. Sometimes just being together is enough of a celebration.

At other times, a sweet treat can add fuel to the fire.

Lisa Tedrick Prejean writes a weekly column for The Herald-Mail's Family page. Send email to her at

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