Teacher gives wish list for class of 2013

January 03, 2013|Lisa Prejean

I'd like to dedicate this column to the class of 2013.

Yes, I know they won't be graduating until May or June and that columns at this time of year typically focus on resolutions ... not graduations.

But I think it's important for these soon-to-be adults to think about the impact they could have over the next five months or so.

Here is my New Year's wish list for them:

 As a member of the oldest class in my school, I will be a leader. I might not have the title of president for a club or group, but I can lead by example and by making the right choices.

 I will be respectful of those in authority and of underclassmen.

 I will be alert, not careless, and take care of school property, knowing that others have worked hard to provide the resources I enjoy every day.

 Even though there are multiple things that could distract me from finishing strong, I will be attentive to the projects that are placed before me.

 This is my senior year, but I will remain available to serve in my community. People who are truly successful rarely are self-centered.

 When someone is in need or is hurting, I will not be indifferent. I will show that I care by expressing compassion.

 I will not fear what lies ahead. I will be bold to use the skills and knowledge with which I have been blessed.

 At the same time, I will not make rash decisions or statements. I will cautiously consider all the facts before I act or speak.

 I will be content with what I have. I will realize the difference between wants and needs. If I learn this now, I will be able to avoid credit card debt in the future.

 If I am asked to do a task that is beyond my resources, I will use my creativity to accomplish that task in an uncommon or unexpected way.

 I will be where I'm supposed to be when I'm supposed to be there. People will view me as dependable and will know that they can count on me.

 I will use discretion in order to avoid damaging attitudes, words and actions. I will not engage in gossip or the day-to-day school drama.

 Graduation might seem like it never will arrive, but I will have endurance to reach that day. If I become discouraged along the way, I will block out that discouragement by focusing on my goals.

 Knowing that others are watching, I will approach the next few months with enthusiasm. I will not be apathetic. My life has purpose, and I want others to know that theirs does, too.

Happy New Year, soon-to-be graduates of the Class of 2013.

13ring it on. 13e the 13oss.

(For those of you older than 20, those sayings can be interpreted as Bring it on. Be the Boss. If the 1 and the 3 are close enough, the combination looks like a B. Teens started posting those last summer .... Wonder what they'll do with 14?)

Lisa Tedrick Prejean writes a weekly column for The Herald-Mail's Family page. Send email to her at

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