Retired Hagerstown Police lieutenant gets probation before judgment in assault

Timothy M. Wolford was found guilty of second-degree assault of his estranged wife following a bench trial

January 03, 2013|By DON AINES |

A retired Hagerstown Police Department lieutenant was given probation before judgment after being found guilty in Washington County Circuit Court of assaulting his estranged wife.

Timothy M. Wolford, 50, was found guilty of second-degree assault following a bench trial before Judge M. Kenneth Long Jr.

Long then struck his finding of guilty and placed Wolford on one year’s supervised probation and ordered him to pay $755 in fines and costs.

A person who receives probation before judgment can petition the court in the future to expunge the charge if he successfully completes probation, Assistant State’s Attorney Leon Debes said after the trial.

Wolford was charged by a Washington County Sheriff’s deputy with assaulting his wife, Maria Pellico, at their Sasha Boulevard home on the morning of May 30, court records said.


Pellico testified she and Wolford still lived in the same house while going through divorce proceedings. She testified she came home late on the night of May 29, saw a box of legal and business documents related to the divorce and put them in her vehicle before going to bed.

Some time later, Wolford beat on her door demanding she return the box, Pellico testified. When she heard him walk away, she went outside and was getting into her vehicle when he tried to force his way inside the Cadillac Escalade, she testified.

During that encounter, Pellico testified, Wolford either slapped or struck her in the face. Debes introduced photos of Pellico showing swelling and discoloration under her right eye.

Wolford testified he was awakened as Pellico came home at 1:30 a.m. on May 30, went downstairs and discovered the box missing. Wolford saw it in Pellico’s vehicle, went upstairs and, in a loud voice, told her he was going to call police to report a theft, he testified.

Wolford testified he did not strike his wife and that she was hitting him while he was making the 911 call.

One of the couple’s children testified he did not see an injury to his mother’s face when she came back into the house, but saw a small mark later.

Pellico testified she did not inflict the injury on herself after going back in the house.

Wolford called 911 at 1:52 a.m. with Pellico calling 911 at 1:54 a.m. The audio was played by defense attorney Susan Lochbaum.

In Wolford’s call, Pellico can be heard yelling “Send help,” while Wolford later says Pellico is hitting him.

During Pellico’s call, she tells a dispatcher that Wolford slapped her.

Wolford said on the stand that he had been with the Hagerstown Police Department 28 years and retired in 2010.

“I am not guilty. I cannot be remorseful for what I did not do,” Wolford told Long after the judge announced his verdict.

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