Mail Call - Jan. 2

January 01, 2013

“The difference between a helping hand and an outstretched palm is a twist of the wrist.”
— Boonsboro

“I would like to implore the driver of a truck in the Maugansville area to remove the deer skull from the front of his truck, from the hood, which is sporting a red nose, intended to resemble Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, I’m sure. Think about the children who hear the stories of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and see that image on your truck. Be kind. And I want you to know that the image of Rudolph needs to be a positive one for our children.”
— Hagerstown

“I’m a concerned mother, aunt, grandmother, all of the above. I’m just concerned about our children in the school system. I don’t — I know our economy is bad, but I think the majority of the public would rather pay a little extra money in taxes to have extra law enforcement at our schools, versus anywhere else. I mean, I’m willing to take that ... so that’s all I’m just concerned about, that we have more police officers in our school system, roaming around just protecting, you know, from school to school. That’s my main concern, so. God bless everybody.”
— Hagerstown

“I just wanted to say thank you, Washington County, for the police presence at the schools today.”
— Hagerstown

“Did you see the beautiful Christmas tree on the lake at Hagerstown City Park? It was donated by 90-year-old Harold Burgesser of Williamsport, Md. Thanks, Mr. Burgesser.”
— Waynesboro, Pa.

“This message is to anyone who is blessed enough to have a child in their life, or someone they can influence. Please hug and kiss them daily and tell them you love them, because any moment could be a Connecticut for any family, and our hearts and prayers go out to that state, that’s suffering so bad right now. And I just want to say, in Washington County, I don’t believe the substitutes are really trained in the emergency procedures. Could someone please address that?”
— Washington County

“While it is a true tragedy of events that happened in Connecticut, while every heart and prayer go out to the families, one true thing must be said before people cry out for more gun bans and gun control. A weapon cannot load itself, nor can it fire and kill without a human hand. It takes the intent of a human mind and a hand for a firearm to kill. So what then is the answer, I don’t know. But one thing is certain, and to all who advocate gun control and bans, I say this: Only humans kill their own kind, and without a hand, a firearm is not a danger.”
— Blue Ridge Summit, Pa.

“All right, you’re going to hear about all the gun advocates and all that. Here’s the deal. A Republican congresswoman — I repeat, Republican — stated we need to amend the Second Amendment. We need to amend it a little bit. We’ve amended everything else. When that was written, this country had muskets, for God’s sake, muskets. We don’t need AK-47s, we don’t need — it’s time to act like Christians, what we’re supposed to be, and fight this. We don’t need AK-47s.”
— Hagerstown

“I just wanted to say how nice it looks, the Nativity set that has been set up in the downtown area, beside the Christmas tree. It looks very nice. The whole town is decorated and festive, and ready for Christmas, and I just wanted to thank those that set it up.”
— Hancock

“Dr. Chaney, you have been a wonderful physician. You’re a kind and compassionate person, and you’ll be very much missed in the town of Hagerstown and the surrounding area. God be with you and your family, and enjoy your retirement.”
— Williamsport

“I’m not a gun owner, but concerning the Connecticut shootings, I don’t care how many gun laws you have, you can outlaw all the guns, we have got so many crazies out there in the world that things are going to happen, and I don’t know how you’d ever control it. But believe me, they’ll find a way, if they don’t have their guns. I worked at a large manufacturing plant for 50 years, and it’s really, really, really a surprise to me that something like this didn’t happen in the plant. They’ll find some other way to do it. We had people in that plant who were just waiting to explode, and it’s everywhere. I don’t know what has happened to people, but that’s just the way it is in America today, sadly.”
— Sharpsburg

“Nice editorial about the school board should consider the downtown as for the central office. Here’s one taxpayer in the city of Hagerstown and the county: No. If you do anything, look at that option out on the Downsville Pike. You got future, you got a lot of land, future expansion, close to the mall, bus routes and all. Don’t put money, more downtown. It’s deplorable. Get something that’s really feasible. Include it in a five-year plan, please.”
— Leitersburg

“Last night I was watching the news about the Connecticut tragedy. Then it was time for a commercial break. Ironically, the commercial was touting a TV show containing shooting, bloodshed, all the violence that could be crammed into the time slot. Now, I’m not very bright, but doesn’t anyone else see the connection between all the movies, the videos, even toys that promote violence, and what is happening in our real life? So along with stricter gun control, we need to stop feeding our young people a steady diet of this mind-altering stuff.”
— Mercersburg, Pa.

“I’m calling in about the person who was complaining about packages from the delivery person left on their porch. They’re worried about them getting stolen. I used to be a delivery person and I worked for UPS and FedEx, and we personally don’t have time to wait 5 or 10 minutes for someone to answer the door — or not answer the door, if they’re not home — during the day. If we did, with 100 packages delivered or more ... and you know, if you’re so worried about your $600 TV being stolen in front of your house, why don’t you do it the old-fashioned way?”
— Hagerstown

“The person who thinks the pit bulls shouldn’t have been put down: I wonder what her story would be if they had bitten her children, and come after her.”
— Hagerstown

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