Letters to the Editor - Dec. 30

December 29, 2012

Maybe it’s time for Hagerstown to go to Plan B

To the editor:

The stadium issue has been the most controversial issue I have heard in the past several years; many are violently opposed to the idea and when the elections were held, their numbers were superior to the stadium supporters.  So why not try a new tack?  The Hotel Convention Center recently closed its doors — groups that had booked the center had to regroup and scramble to find other locations for their events.  I think a civic/convention center at the proposed MUSEC site would be perfect.  Hagerstown, with its historic ties and proximity to the battlefields, would be a tremendous draw for groups to choose us over other locations. 

Convention goers are primarily adults — adults who would patronize our restaurants and bars, who would visit the tourism office, the art galleries and Discovery Station, and who would (can you believe it?) actually do a little shopping at the same time. 

The civic center would be totally enclosed and soundproof.  The good neighbors on Summit Avenue and the hundreds and hundreds of senior citizens in that area would not have to be exposed to the degrading spectacle of baseball and its “obnoxious and trashy” fans nor the “disgraceful” display of fireworks for every Friday home game.

(Really?  I’ve never heard of a single soul who dislikes fireworks.) An attractive building and landscaping at this location would not be at all detrimental to their existence.

I personally, feel very strongly about keeping the Suns here — I enjoy baseball, I am a season ticket holder and try to attend every game (yes, I am always among the “only 400-500” fans who attend the games).  Having professional baseball in Hagerstown is a definite plus!

However, I am just plain sick and tired of all of the bickering and bellyaching of narrow-minded people whose vision of an improved downtown area is only what they themselves would prefer — which, apparently, is nothing, if you take into account their fighting the creation of USMH and the Barbara Ingram School for the Arts (whose existence now have proven to be so valuable to our downtown and have not inconvenienced their detractors one single bit!). 

I believe pursuing the stadium at the proposed location will only continue to divide the citizens of Hagerstown and Washington County. A well-designed civic center can be used for other events as well; how about classrooms for government-furnished training for their employees (e.g. the federal government uses training facilities in Winchester, Va., and Shepherdstown W.Va.), seminars, public meetings, and the list could go on and on.  

A center consisting of an attractive building and landscaping would be a definite improvement to an otherwise deteriorating area and would be a definite positive for downtown Hagerstown — who can argue with that? Contrary to those good folks’ beliefs about crime, I firmly believe that the more populous an area is, the less crime will occur in that area.

Explore the possibility!

Gloria Thomas

Woman grateful for her care at Robinwood, Meritus

To the editor:

I wish to tell you about my experience at Robinwood Urgent Care and Meritus Medical Center in Hagerstown. I went to bed on Friday night with a pain in my chest and I thought it was indigestion so I wasn’t too concerned. I went to work and soon after I arrived, the pain intensified so I called my husband to come get me and take me to Robinwood Urgent Care.

The administrative nurse — I’m so sorry I didn’t get her name — had me taken to the examination room within minutes. My EKG did not show a heart attack but there were some irregularities so to be safe an ambulance was called to transport me to the emergency room. I had numerous tests run and it was decided to keep me overnight. One of the tests came back showing gall stones and I was told my gall bladder would have to come out. Dr. Su was performing surgeries that Saturday so the doctor on call asked him if he could squeeze me in. Once it was decided, things moved quickly and I was taken to the operating room. Not only did I have my gall bladder removed, Dr. Su fixed a hernia in my navel. I cannot express my gratitude enough to the wonderful medical staff in these two establishments. The nurses, technical staff, doctors assistants and the doctors themselves were so friendly and caring they made me feel safe in a scary situation. I want to thank Jess, Jill, Dani, Jessica one and Jessica two.

There are many more who made my experience a positive one, I only wish I had everyone’s name to thank them personally. Thank you Robinwood Urgent Care Team, ambulance team and Meritus Medical Center. God bless and Merry Christmas to you all.

Ruth Bosic
Clear Spring

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