Restaurant inspections for August 2012

December 15, 2012

How it works

The Herald-Mail periodically publishes the findings of initial food establishment inspections by the Washington County Health Department. Food service facilities are inspected on a regular basis to make sure they are following the regulations that govern such establishments.

Location of establishments is Hagerstown unless otherwise noted.

Inspectors also conduct follow-up inspections and monitoring inspections, and investigate complaints and food-borne outbreaks.

Potentially hazardous food means any food rich in protein that will support the rapid growth and reproduction of food-borne disease microorganisms.

Inspections are conducted at restaurants, nursing homes, schools, grocery stores and other places that serve food, including those that only are temporary such as fairs and carnivals.

Critical violations such as contaminated or spoiled food, improper temperatures of foods, improper cooking or no running water must be corrected immediately. Those items are marked with *.

Other violations must be corrected within 30 days. Follow-up inspections will be conducted as needed.

Those violations corrected on day of inspection are indicated as (corrected).

The following food service establishments were inspected by the Washington County Health Department in August and found to have critical violations that needed to be corrected immediately:

Maryland Correctional Institution-Hagerstown, 18601 Roxbury Road — * meat salad out of temperature (corrected, salad discarded); * badly dented cans in store room (corrected); locker rusty and not cleanable; dented can of carrots observed, discarded; must repair chipped tile in prep area; must seal hole in hood; must repair lids on ice machine; food observed stored in locker room (corrected, discarded).

Maryland Correctional Training Center (officers kitchen), 18800 Roxbury Road — * tuna, tuna salad, egg salad and sliced tomatoes out of temperature on salad bar (corrected); * spaghetti sauce out of temperature (corrected). Main Kitchen - * plumbing under kitchen leaks, a strong odor was coming out of vents and there was sewage in ditches under the kitchen; damaged floor noted in last inspection is being repaired and area was sealed off with plastic to prevent dust and debris from entering kitchen; wipe cloths must be kept in sanitizer (corrected); single service items must be store off floor (corrected); must correct gaps under door to outside loading dock; must repair cracks in walls and floors.

Maryland Correctional Training Center, 18800 Roxbury Road — * refrigerator out of temperature (corrected, product transferred to other unit).

The following food service establishments were inspected by the Washington County Health Department in August and found to have sanitation violations that must be corrected within 30 days:

Cascade American Legion Post 239, 14418 MacAfee Road, Cascade — must remove lime build-up in ice machine; observed raw food over cans (corrected); must clean can opener; must clean hood filters; must store single service items off floor; must formulate Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan.

Charly’s Cafe, 991 Maryland Ave. — must use thermometers in all refrigerators, freezers and sandwich counters; food observed stored in plastic grocery bags in freezers, food must be stored in food-grade plastic; wet cloths observed hanging on sink edges, wet cloths must be stored in sanitizer; no sanitizer in facility, management could not find any bleach on premises; test strips for sanitizer missing; must address air gaps on bottom and side of back kitchen door and ensure door closes completely; garage door and side door on storage room must be closed at all times; must use paper towels at hand sink (corrected); hand sink at front blocked by table and two rice cookers.

Ernst Market, 11650 Dam No. 5 Road, Clear Spring — exposed insulation observed in walk-in cooler; must clean can opener (corrected); lights observed out under exhaust hood; hand sink obstructed (corrected); excessive ice buildup in walk-in freezer; must submit HACCP plan; gaps and cracks observed around walk-in produce cooler door.

Golden Corral, 17635 Valley Mall Road — hand sink along wall must be resealed.

GT’s Handi Mart, 25213 Military Road, Cascade — wipe cloths must be kept in sanitizer (corrected); must repair chipped tile floor by oven, must clean hood filters; must correct gaps in bottom of outside door.

Misty Meadow Farm, 14235 Misty Meadow Road, Smithsburg — must use lid on trash can in unisex bathroom; wipe cloths must be kept in sanitizer (corrected); items in refrigerator must be dated and labeled.

Rite Aid, 22411 Jefferson Blvd., Smithsburg — must clean floor in storage area; raw wood shelves observed in storage area.

Roxbury Correctional Institution, 18701 Roxbury Road — must clean soda nozzles (corrected); must repair hole in dishwasher area; final rinse gauge not working; chipped tile and standing water observed by pot storage area; pot washer only washing at 120 degrees; must clean fan grills.

Smithsburg Senior Site, 29 Blue Mountain Estates, Smithsburg — crackers observed stored on the floor (corrected).

Taco Bell, 1600 Wesel Blvd. — low level light observed in walk-in refrigerator; must repair cracked floor tiles in back prep area; condensation collecting under condenser box.

Uno Chicago Grill, 17734 Garland Groh Blvd. — floor in walk-in freezer warped and rising from floor at seams; gasket must be replaced on door of hot/hold unit by pizza over; must use paper towels at two kitchen hand sinks (one not being used due to repair of faucet).

Western Maryland Children’s Center, 18420 Roxbury Road — wipe cloths observed out of sanitizer (corrected); must clean Fry Master.

The following establishments had no violations in August: Chocolate Park Liquors, 14433 MacAfee Hill Road, Cascade; The Gourmet Goat, 41 N. Potomac St.; Red Lobster, 1681 Wesel Blvd.; Starbucks Coffee, 17995 Garland Groh Blvd.; and Volunteer Fire Co. of Halfway, 17421 Lexington Ave.

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