North High School sophomore helps reunite 1979 North graduate with class ring

December 10, 2012|By KAUSTUV BASU |
  • Douglas Stone got back his high school class ring Monday. Stone is a 1979 graduate of North Hagerstown High School.
Photo by Kaustuf Basu

When Kyle Denning slipped his hand into his suit jacket after church service Sunday, he made a discovery.

The sophomore at North Hagerstown High School had come across a North High class ring from 1979.

Denning had owned the three-button black suit for a day, after it was purchased from a consignment store. The chunky ring carried the owner’s initials and the year of graduation. Denning thought he had to find the owner somehow.

He told his parents who in turn called a friend who they thought might be able to help.

That friend is Kelley Seiler, who is a mail-carrier for the United States Postal Service. He is a youth leader with The Good Shepherd Ministries in Hagerstown. Seiler is also a 1979 graduate of North Hagerstown High School.

“I reached for my yearbook,” Seiler said.

His search culminated in a brief meeting Monday morning at his home on Hagerstown’s Olde Saybrook Circle where Doug Stone, the ring’s owner, was reunited with his ring.

“So many things had to come together for it to happen ... A honest kid that understood that this ring meant something to someone ... and it worked out, that was the awesome part,” Seiler said.

Stone said he did not know that the ring was missing and it could have been missing for more than a year and a half. The black suit in question used to belong to his son, who is now 22. He wasn’t sure how the ring ended up in the suit pocket.

“We moved a couple of times, and the ring had been in storage ... and apparently at some point it ended up in one of his pockets,” he said.

Stone said the ring reminded him of his youth and his days at North High.

Kyle Denning, who plans on becoming a pastor, said he felt better now that the ring had been returned to its owner.

He said if he had kept the ring, it would have amounted to stealing.

“My conscience wouldn’t have felt great,” he said.

Ashlee Denning, Kyle’s mother, said she was proud of her son.

“Kyle’s a very honest person. He is very faith-filled” she said.

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