Letters to the Editor - Nov. 25

November 25, 2012

Family expresses thanks to Hospice, volunteers

To the editor:

When our mother, Cornelia Lindsay, was diagnosed with a terminal illness in August 2012, the family knew the next step had to be determined ahead of time. We knew Mom wanted to stay at her home, even though her four children had empty bedrooms. Mom lived alone. She was very independent and strong, but also a very private person.

After she was released from the hospital, we visited with the adviser at Hospice of Washington County, who explained in detail the steps to begin receiving their help. This process was approved quickly and was the easiest on the family. They did everything needed in preparation for Mom’s situation. The entire family, some who never had experienced Hospice care, were given great comfort and satisfaction.

When Hospice first arrived to introduce themselves to Mom and the family, she actually shooed them away. They understood her actions, but at the same time were making a connection with her. The entire Hospice team that cared for her were very friendly, always smiling, taking their time with Mom and us, talking with the family, and always very professional about her care. They took all the time we needed to understand what to expect or what signs or actions that could take place.

As the days passed, they were there to make sure Mom had anything she needed. Any questions we had were only a phone call away, and there was always someone on the other end. Sitting with Mom, most of us became fearful and uncomfortable, wondering, “Is this the night?” We would call Hospice and the nurse would stop by just for reassurance.

Into the fourth week, we decided to hire Sandra, a caretaker who the family knew for years, to spend the nights. We were all emotionally exhausted and needed her at this time. She was very supportive and was able to give of herself so the family could try to get some rest. Sandra was there on the night of Oct. 19, 2012, and called in the family and Hospice. We all arrived at Mom’s, praying together until she went peacefully home with God. 

The family has great appreciation for all that Hospice did for Mom, for us, and for the numerous families they are helping throughout Washington County. These people were given a special gift from God to do the job they were meant to do.

Special thanks to Hospice of Washington County; Tina Warfield and her team for the kindness and professionalism they gave Mom; Hospice Chaplain Mike, for talking with Mom about God and the prayers he said with her and her family; Dr. Allen Ditto, her physician for 39 years; Sandra; the Rev. Mark Mooney; staff at Rest Haven Funeral Home; and friends.

We thank God for the time we were blessed with such a wonderful loving mother, for the peacefulness and comfort he gave her, and for the strength and comfort he gives us. Mom is cancer-free, happy, and we’ll all be together again.

God bless you all.

Cynthia and Rick Dawson, Curtis and Becky Hutzell, Keith Hutzell
Greencastle, Pa.

Steven and Mary Hutzell

Letter writer, Romney made the same mistake

To the editor:

I am responding to the letter written by Terry Weddle that appeared on Nov. 17, 2012.

On Nov. 6, 2012, some in the Republican Party went to bed believing that the GOP would win the White House. On Wednesday morning, they awoke in great shock and disbelief. What the heck happened? You only need read David Limbaugh’s column on the same page to get a clearer understanding of what took place.

Mr. Weddle made the same mistake that Mitt Romney made. He misjudged the 47 percent. He pointed his finger at those people and more or less told them that they were misfits, or takers and not producers. It is a shallow belief that everyone who gets assistance from our government does so because they are lazy and just don’t want to be self-supportive.

Every day, I see people who struggle to make it. They have bills to pay, children to feed and other financial obligations. But they just come up a little short and they need a hand just to make ends meet. Because you are blessed, don’t turn a blind eye and deaf ear to their pain. I pray that you are always secure and never need help from the government or, for that matter, anyone.

Weddle closes his letter by saying that Obama voters have made their beds and now must lie in them. I will do just that, and I will sleep a sleep of peace knowing that the only time that I look down on my fellow human beings is when I reach down to give them a hand up without judging them.

Raymond Young

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