Letter to the Editor - Nov. 22

November 22, 2012

Obama is steering country toward an economic disaster

To the editor:

I had to shake my head over Allan Powell’s comments concerning Obama’s re-election. “America has just been given a wonderful gift,” he wrote. Powell really can’t be serious. He goes on to say that Obama’s victory is a mandate to move forward. Well, I hate to burst Powell’s bubble, but Obama only received 50 percent of the popular vote. To me, that means this country is still seriously divided over the direction we as a nation should be taking.

I truly believe this country is headed toward an economic disaster and that Obama’s agenda will only add fuel to the fire. It’s simple mathematics: You can’t take in $2 trillion in revenue and spend $3 trillion. Yet Obama keeps pushing entitlements. A good example is his “Affordable Care Act.” We still don’t know what the final cost is going to be or how we’re going to pay for it. Here is another wonderful gift — more tax increases. We need to not only cut entitlements but make serious cuts in government spending across the board. And increasing taxes on the wealthy is a myth, the revenue from that would be like spitting in the wind.

I also feel that Obama’s socialist agenda will cause more major companies to move operations overseas. Increased taxes and overregulation will deter them from investing here. The wealthy will stop investing in the stock market and move their cash to overseas accounts. 

I think Obama’s victory was due to the extremely negative campaigning by the Democrats. They couldn’t run on the president’s record, so they chose to personally attack Romney. Also unfortunately, the demographics are changing. More and more people are getting the mind-set that government owes them. Many years ago, I remember my teacher in civics class asking this question: What is the job of the federal government? The answer was national defense and maintaining worldwide relations. Boy, how things have changed.

If we do not reverse the current trend, we will be changing the name of the United States of America to The Socialist States of America. The words “In God We Trust” and “God Bless America” will have been long forgotten.

Michael Karn

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