Let's play Turkey Toss! Thanksgiving Day fun for the family

November 21, 2012

The family has assembled, the cooks are baking pies, the sports fans are watching football and the cousins are looking for something to pass the time until dinner.

Let’s play Turkey Toss!

The Herald-Mail’s 2012 Thanksgiving game is easy to play, and can be adapted for children or adults.


1. Print out the game board onto an 11-inch-by-17-inch piece of paper or purchase a copy of the Thenksgiving Day edition of The Herald-Mail and use the board game printed on page B1. Lay the board game in the middle of a table or on a hard-surfaced floor.

2. Use pennies or buttons as markers. Give each person five markers, or pass five markers from person to person.

3. Pick a prize to award the winner, such as receiving the turkey wishbone, choosing the first piece of pie or getting out of doing cleanup after dinner. Or just play for fun.

4. Select a person to go first. If using coins as markers, let each person toss down all five; the person with the highest number of heads goes first. Or let the youngest person or oldest person go first, or let the person whose birthday is closest to Thanksgiving go first.

5. Each person, on their turn, should toss markers one by one, onto the Turkey Toss board. The target — the turkey — is divided into different sections, each with different point values. If the marker bounces or rolls off the game board, that marker earns no points. If the marker comes to rest on the letters or white space of the game board, that marker earns no points.

6. A marker only scores points if it is all or mostly on a section earning points. The turkey’s beard and beak are part of the head and score 15 points. The legs and shoes are part of the belly and score 5 points.

7. If a marker straddles two or more sections with different point values, award points for the section in which the majority of the marker rests. If this cannot be determined, retoss that marker. Don’t get too legalistic about this. Turkey Toss is meant to be fun!

8. Total up the points for each turn, and write down a running score. For two or three players, the first person to reach 500 points wins. For four or five players, play to 300 points. For all-family games of eight or more players, play to 125.

Good luck!

Game board graphic by Chad Trovinger

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