Waynesboro Area Fellowship of Churches hosts service on gratitude

Congregants from 10 churches focused Sunday on things for which they are thankful

November 18, 2012|By JENNIFER FITCH |
  • Choir sings "Thanks to Thee, O Lord" Sunday at a service held by The Waynesboro Area Fellowship of Churches at the Presbyterian Church of Waynesboro.
By Ric Dugan, Staff Photographer

WAYNESBORO, Pa. — One hundred people representing about 10 churches gathered Sunday afternoon for a Thanksgiving service focused on gratitude.

The Rev. Delton Lehman from LifeGate Ministries provided the message and focused on Luke 7:36-50. In those verses, a sinful woman washes Jesus’ feet. Lehman talked about how the woman wept in affection when meeting the savior.

Pat West of Wayne Heights, Pa., said Lehman made her rethink the story.

“I have read that (section of Scripture) so many times, and I’ve never put myself in the place of that woman,” she said.

Hosted by the Waynesboro Area Fellowship of Churches and held at the Presbyterian Church of Waynesboro, the service included a food collection for Waynesboro Area Community and Human Services.

Seville Lundgren of Wayne Heights said she is thankful for family, church and opportunities to come together, as the various denominations did Sunday afternoon.


The service made Waynesboro resident Greg Geiger think about needing to be more involved in his community. He said he is thankful for church services where he can meet neighbors and express his religious beliefs freely.

Martha Swink of Waynesboro said she enjoyed welcoming others to the Presbyterian church, which she regularly attends.

“I loved the message, and I loved the combined choir. That’s always wonderful,” Swink said.

The choir featured singers from Blue Rock United Brethren Church, Faith United Methodist Church, Salem Church, Presbyterian Church of Waynesboro and Waynesboro Church of the Brethren.

West’s husband, Neville, a retired pastor, said the couple appreciates Thanksgiving and views it from the perspective of people who lived in Great Britain.

“It’s been a joy to have a group of people getting together,” he said of the holiday.

Neville West said he is thankful he can express himself through music and art. His wife, a cancer survivor, said she is thankful for her health this year.

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