Carl Varner faces more charges in Chambersburg shooting

November 16, 2012|By ROXANN MILLER |
  • Carl L. Varner
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CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. — A Chambersburg man charged in the October shooting death of a man in the 300 block of East King Street faces additional charges in the case after a hearing Friday before Magisterial District Judge Glenn Manns.

Carl L. Varner, 54, of 238 E. McKinley St., now faces 10 counts of kidnapping, five counts of unlawful restraint, five counts of robbery and one count of person not to possess firearm.

He previously was charged with first-degree murder, second-degree murder, robbery, burglary, criminal conspiracy to commit murder in the first degree and criminal conspiracy to commit robbery in the death of 29-year-old Victor Hugo Campos-Olguin. One count of terroristic threats was dismissed.

Three of the witnesses did not speak English and were aided by a Spanish-speaking translator during the hearing.

Genaro Gonzalez Chavez said he was in the home during the Oct. 22 incident.

He said he and Agustin Macias Marquez were eating in the kitchen when someone knocked on the front door of the home at 310 E. King Street in Chambersburg.

When he opened the door, Chavez said, under oath, that he saw Varner and another man — who was identified as Jason Shauf referred to in the hearing as the ‘tall one’ while Varner was referred to as ‘the short one.’

“The man raised his shirt (Varner) and showed me his gun,” said Chavez via an interpreter and he yelled, ‘Where’s El Gallo? Where’s El Gallo?’”

According to police El Gallo has been identified as Jesus Gallo, of Shippensburg, Pa. He is employed in a pizza shop in Shippensburg.

Chavez said both men had guns — Varner had a black handgun in a holster and Shauf had a longer gun similar to a rifle.

Chavez said Varner took his keys and cellular (phone) while on the first floor of the property.

Chavez said Varner and Shauf forced him and Marquez upstairs where Varner kicked in one of the bedroom doors.

Varner told the occupants of the home that “he wasn’t playing,” according to Chavez.

Chavez said Shauf pointed his gun up and discharged it.

Then, Marquez took the stand telling the court that he was next to Campos-Olguin when he was shot.

Marquez said he was taken upstairs to a bedroom where Hugo (Campos-Olguin) and Jose (Trinidad Sanchez Herrera) were.

He said Varner took money from him and Campos-Olguin gave him his wallet.

They were pushed into the hallway, he said.

“I think my friend Hugo (Campos-Olguin) said something and then there was a gunshot and pushed me to the floor. He had it pointed at me and then shot Hugo,” said Marquez pointing at Varner with his right index finger.

Marquez said he was next to Campos-Olguin when he was shot.

“I saw it. I went to help my friend and he told me to call an ambulance,” Marquez said.

During cross examination, Varner’s attorney Michael Palermo Jr., Camp Hill, Pa., asked Marquez El Gallo’s identity.

“I don’t know,” he said.

Herrera was called to the stand and said he was in the bedroom with the victim when Varner and Shauf came into the room.

He said Varner pointed a short, black gun at him.

“He wanted the money that he owed him (El Gallo),” said Herrera. “They kept naming him.”

Herrara said Shauf pointed the gun up but Varner fired the second shot.

Hugo was in the bathroom by the toilet, Herrara said.

Chambersburg police detective Scott Mummert was the final witness during the two-and-a-half hour hearing.

“Upon reaching the second floor, we found the deceased (Campos-Olguin) face down in the bathtub. He was bent over face down in the bathtub,” Mummert said.

Mummert said the victim was shot on the left side of his neck and there was a bump on the right side of his neck indicating a slug.

A .410 gauge slug was recovered in the ceiling area that Mummert said was sent for analysis.

During a search of Shauf’s trailer on Sollenberger Road on Oct. 23, Remington .410 gauge slugs were found in the console area of his pickup truck, Mummert said.

During a search of the the second suspect, Varner’s home on McKinley Street, Mummert said the following were found: a .22 Magnum Revolver with a brown holster, a .410 single action shotgun called a snake charmer (shotgun) and spent .410 shotgun casings and four live rounds.

Mummert said he was present during the autopsy on Campos-Olguin and it appeared to be a .22 caliber projectile from the victim’s neck which will be sent for analysis.

While Varner’s defense team of Eric Weisbrod, Chambersburg, and Palermo argued that several of the charges, including terroristic threats be dropped, the only charge Manns dropped was terroristic threats.

An arraignment hearing is scheduled for Dec. 19 at 1 p.m before Franklin County Judge Carol Van Horn.

Shauf’s preliminary hearing scheduled today at 1 p.m. has been continued for the second time. No new date has been determined.

Both Varner and Shauf remain in Franklin County Jail. Bail has been denied for both.

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