Letters to the Editor - Nov. 11

November 10, 2012

Namesake hurricane left letter writer laughing

To the editor:

It is Monday, Oct. 29, 2012. I am shaking. I am feeling fear. I am also laughing, because not only is it Halloween week but the “storm of the century” that we are anticipating is named Sandy.

It has taken me 71 years to have the kind of power that my name is evoking and, of course, it would have to be a disaster.

So, we have Halloween and we have a hurricane. OK, and did I mention there is to be a full moon which will make the tides ever so high? We also have a nor’easter heading from the west and — guess what? — they are going to collide. We don’t know if we will get cold, wet snow or an extreme amount of tumultuous icy rain.

Stephen King, eat your heart out. Trick-or-treat!

Sandra “Sandy” Burd

What have Shank, Parrott done for constituents?

To the editor:

Sen. Chris Shank and Del. Neil Parrott promoted ballot measures opposing  recently enacted laws on same-sex marriage and education for immigrants. Both of these laws were upheld on election day, proving that Maryland legislators got it right the first time, but our representatives got it wrong. 

Shank’s and Parrott’s efforts to reverse redistricting were also defeated at the polls. What have Sen. Shank and Del. Parrott done for their constituents?

We have a representative democracy. Legislating by referendum is not legislating at all. Don’t we deserve better representation?

Matthew Wagner

In four years, we will be a nation totally divided

To the editor:

What a sad day for the U.S.A. Another four years of no leadership and a lack of common sense. Wait four more years and hope we can ask the question, “Are you now better off?”

Our tax system, along with our electoral system, strongly needs a total overhaul. The demographics of this country have changed dramatically in the past decade or so, making the present political system obsolete, and our tax system is so antiquated is it humorous.

We now have a president that has bankrupted our country, and in four years we will not be the United States of America, but the total divided states of America. Whether you realize it or not, we are in an undeclared war that we are fast losing and are being undermined by our elected officials who cannot see the forest for the trees.

My life here on earth may not be that much longer, however what I have seen in my younger years and how great our beloved country has been, it is so sad to see its decline. Beware, with immigration being so mismanaged and social giveaway programs so prevalent, we are lost.

What has happened to our free society and free enterprise  system? I have so much more to express, but some things are best unsaid.

Tom Wilhelm

Memorial Recreation Center thanks donors to project

To the editor:

It has been more than four years since Memorial Recreation Center began seeking assistance to repair work in the art room closet. The nonprofit organization depends on grants and donations to keep its doors open and provide an after-school program for the neighborhood youth in the Jonathan Street corridor. The building was originally erected in 1947 and has undergone many transformations. After extensive water damage, the old plastered walls and ceiling, along with the shelving, had become hazardous and unsightly. Requests were made for volunteers, material and labor.

The call was heeded in January, when, as part of Washington County’s First Annual MLK Day of Service, Volunteer Washington County committed to help. Bernadette Wagner, co-director of VWC, met with Loretta Wright, the executive director of Memorial Recreation Center at the time, to evaluate the scope of the needed repairs. With damage on two floors, it was decided to divide the project in half and seek support from more than one source to make it easier to recruit area businesses to address the needed repairs.

VWC facilitated a collaborative partnership in which Lowes of Hagerstown donated the materials and Potomac Valley Building Restoration, owned by Brian Emigh, agreed to manage the project and provide the skilled labor to restore the room. 

The project was slightly delayed by personnel changes at Memorial Recreation, but both Wright and I, as her successor, never lost sight of the goal of completing the project in order to better serve children. I contacted Ms. Wagner regarding the proposed project. Within two hours, Potomac Valley scheduled a start date of Oct. 24. Lowes donated the supplies, and the restoration project began. On Nov. 1, the repair work was completed.

The final phase of this renovation will be completed by Girl Scout troop member Akeela Taylor. She is working on her Gold Award, the highest award available in Girl Scouts. She has chosen to repaint and organize the art room closet at Memorial Recreation Center. With the generous donations of time, material, labor, dedication and commitment, this project is a clear example of what volunteers can do we they come together.

Karen D. Cook, executive director
Memorial Recreation Center Inc.

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