Hagerstown's Question A on way to passage

November 07, 2012|By C.J. LOVELACE |

Party affiliations might no longer have a place in city of Hagerstown elections, according to incomplete and unofficial results Tuesday night.

With six of 18 precincts plus early voting reporting, 3,968 of Hagerstown voters casted a “yes” vote to support amending the city’s charter to provide for future primary and general elections to be nonpartisan.

Against the city’s Question A, 1,754 of citizens voted “no” in opposition of nonpartisan city elections.

More than at least 462 returned absentee city ballots still need to be counted later this week and next before results go final.

A “yes” vote indicated that the voter is in favor of changing elections to nonpartisan, while a “no” vote signified that the voter wants to keep elections partisan, the way they are currently conducted.


The change would allow for the top 10 vote-getters without regard to political party to become candidates in a nonpartisan general election for Hagerstown City Council, and the two people with the highest vote totals for without regard to political party in the primary would advance to the general election for mayor of Hagerstown.

The city council in late January voted 3-2 to place the nonbinding referendum question on the election ballot.

Council members William Breichner, Martin Brubaker and Lewis C. Metzner voted for the measure, with Ashley C. Haywood and Forrest Easton voting against it.

Question A, Municipal Question

Asks if the City of Hagerstown’s charter should be amended to provide for a nonpartisan primary.
Yes — 8,334
No — 3,492
With 18 of 18 precincts reporting and early voting results

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