Letter to the Editor - Nov. 6

November 06, 2012

City residents get taxed twice

To the editor:

I believe it is past time for our elected officials to look at the tax structure for owners of property in the city limits.

I believe owners are being unfairly double-taxed by the county and the city. No way should we have to pay both branches of government taxes. If you own in the county you pay only to the county taxes, but if you own in the city you are paying both the county and the city — where is the fairness in this policy?

You wonder why so many businesses are leaving the downtown area. Just move to the outskirts and pay only one tax. Look at the number of businesses that have made the move in the past few years.

Those of us who still own property within the city are paying double to fund a stadium that will do nothing to help the city to recover.

I believe the buck has to stop with all the bad decisions you as elected officials are making. Please be aware that as a commercial property owner inside the city limits you don’t get trash pickup, you must buy a sticker at the landfill and haul your own trash or contract a hauler at a fee to pick up and haul your trash. I ask what are we getting for paying double taxes.

J.M. Unger

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