Two former Hagerstown City Council members likely to return to City Hall

November 06, 2012|By C.J. LOVELACE |

Two former Hagerstown City Council numbers appear to be headed back to City Hall, according to incomplete and unofficial election results Tuesday night.

With 15 of 18 precincts reporting and early voting results, Democratic challengers Kristin B. Aleshire and Penny Nigh held the top two positions overall, earning 7,795 votes and 6,275 votes, respectively.

In third, longtime state legislator Don Munson, who looks to be the council’s lone Republican, had collected 6,033 votes, followed by incumbent Democrat Lewis C. Metzner with 5,859 votes.

The race for the fifth and final seat on the council was neck-and-neck between incumbents Martin Brubaker and William Breichner, both Democrats. Brubaker held a slim lead with 5,108 votes to Breichner’s 4,923.


The remaining five candidates were Jonathan R. Burrs and Chris Kelly, both Republicans, with 3,284 votes and 3,162 votes, respectively. Incumbent Ashley C. Haywood, who is an unaffiliated candidate, was next with 2,993 votes, and GOP candidates Larry Bayer and Jeffrey M. Coney rounded out the final two spots with 2,856 votes and 2,683 votes, respectively.

Aleshire said he was surprised that he was the leading vote-getter, especially by such a large margin. He also led all council candidates in the primary election this past April.

“I generally sort of expected Munson or Penny to be at the top of that list, and they certainly are,” said Aleshire, who also formerly served on the Washington County Board of Commissioners. “I think with Lew looking like he’s in and a toss up there before Marty and Bill right now, I think you’ve got a good group of folks out of an even larger group of good candidates selected. I can’t wait to get to work.”

Metzner said he felt “very humbled” that the citizens were supporting him for another term on the city council.

“When you look at those numbers ... it sure looks like it’s going to be the five of us,” Metzner said, referring to Aleshire, Nigh, Munson and Brubaker or Breichner, in addition to himself.

“I’ve worked with Penny, I worked with Kristin and I’ve worked with Martin and Bill. And I’ve certainly worked with Don on various levels,” he added. “It certainly looks like we’re going to have a new mayor, and I look forward to working with Dave (Gysberts).”

Nigh said she was very tired after spending all days at the polls, but she said it felt “really good” to return to council.

“We’ve worked really hard,” Nigh said. “I hope it just continues.”

A total of 727 absentee ballots were issued to city voters, and 462 were returned as of Tuesday morning, according to the Washington County Board of Elections.

Approximately 250 to 300 more countywide absentee ballots postmarked Tuesday had been received, but not yet counted in the “returned” figure, county Election Director Kaye Robucci said. The total number of absentee ballots from just city voters was not available Tuesday night, she said.

The first round of absentee ballots will be counted Thursday. Provisional ballots will be tallied Wednesday, Nov. 14, and any remaining absentee ballots will be counted Friday, Nov. 16 before results are finalized.

In the April primary, Aleshire earned 1,478 total votes, almost 24 percent of the total 6,260 votes cast.
Munson topped all GOP candidates in the primary with 1,394 votes.

Unofficial results as of 11:35 Tuesday night:

Hagerstown City Council
Kristin B. Aleshire, D — 7,795
Penny Nigh, D — 6,275
Don Munson, R — 6,033
Lewis C. Metzner, D (i) — 5,859
Martin Brubaker, D (i) — 5,108
William Breichner, D (i) — 4,923
Jonathan R. Burrs, R — 3,284
Chris Kelly, R — 3,162
Ashley C. Haywood, U (i) — 2,993
Larry Bayer, R — 2,856
Jeffrey M. Coney, R — 2,683

With 15 of 18 precincts reporting and early voting results
Candidates with (i) next to their names are incumbents.

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