Three Fountaindale student reporters cover STARS event for school newspaper

November 04, 2012
  • Fountaindale Elementary School held its first STARS award ceremony of the school year. Bottom row, standing: Paige Ludwig, Jacob Williams, Madison Mattos, Cecilia Fritz, Zachary Brooks, Santana Rojas, Feiyan Collins, Ashley Foulks and Ethan Eberhart. Second row, kneeling, Kenneth Nehring, Kyle Byard, Rileigh Fink, Royce Naylor, Waylin Bonds, Charlie Jardiner, Legacy Brown, Naija Prather-Armstrong, Rena Kapulka and Ali Zia. Third, row, Audrey Miller, Alexa Snyder, Kiyare Keyes, Kylee Cross, Ariel Langlotz, Logan Chaney, Jacob Jardiner, Sira Villaman, Daniela Cifentes, Kelly Bokoum and Nicholas Profilio. Top row, Aiden Thomas, Brettly Horst, Ruby Williams, Erianna Schleigh, Kaylee Newman, Maddie Boese, Ian Selby, Hunter Maddock, Eliza Durham and Alex Gregory. Not pictured: Hailey Wainwright, Lynique Gordon, Alyssa Checkeye, Makiya Harris and Trenisha Roberson.
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Editor’s note: Three student reporters for The Northside Eagle News, the school newspaper at Fountaindale Elementary School, attended the first STARS award ceremony of the school year and reported on the event. 

The following is compiled from the articles of Joshua Brooks, Dayanna Trujillo and Mae Weisenmiller:

On Oct. 16, Fountaindale Elementary School held its first STARS award ceremony of the school year. 

The student reporters attended the ceremony and interviewed some of the winners.

Santana from Mrs. Hartley’s class said, “I like representing how much I like this school.” 

Zachary from Mrs. Howerin’s class said, “I am very happy and overflowing with joy.”

They interviewed Ruby Williams, who was asked some questions. 

What was your favorite part of the ceremony?  Ruby said, “My favorite part of the ceremony is getting a picture with my friend.” 

How did you exceed the expectation?

Ruby said she did not give up if she was stuck on a problem.

 Ethan Eberhart, 9, received a rising star award recently at the end of lunch. 

Ethan’s award was for being a respectful student.

 The other two reasons are he was on green most of the time and Ethan helps his classmates when they struggle.

The sponsor was Taylor Bowen from Prudential Bowen Realty. 

He said it was great to be a part of the program. 

The STARS received a certificate and a T-shirt. Everybody seemed happy and proud. 

Will you be the next STAR?

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