Two Hagerstown people taken into custody on drug-trafficking charges

November 03, 2012|By DON AINES |

Two people were in the Washington County Detention Center Friday after being taken into custody on drug-trafficking charges involving crack cocaine and heroin a day earlier, according to Washington County District Court records.

Adrien Odell Love, 23, with a listed address on Bear Creek Drive, Hagerstown, was charged with a dozen counts, including two counts each possession of narcotics with intent to distribute and conspiracy to distribute narcotics, as well as attempting to distribute a large amount of narcotics, possession of a large amount of narcotics and four counts of possession of narcotics.

Meghan Moore Monaghan, 24, of 161 Ross St., Hagerstown, was charged with 10 counts, including maintaining a common nuisance for the distribution and administration of narcotics, distribution of fake controlled substances, possession of fake controlled substances, possession with intent to distribute narcotics, conspiracy to distribute narcotics and possession of narcotics.

Love was being held on $125,000 bond following a bail review hearing in Washington County District Court before Judge Janice R. Ambrose. Monaghan’s bond was lowered from $125,000 to $50,000 by Ambrose at her hearing.

On Oct. 16, the Washington County Narcotics Task Force used an informant to purchase crack cocaine from Love, the statement of probable cause says. Investigators allege they learned the informant purchased $50,000 worth of crack cocaine from Love and Monaghan between April and July, according to the court document.

The informant met Love at a gas station and followed him to the Ross Street house, where Monaghan offered to sell the informant heroin and Percocet pills, the document alleges.

Love and the informant then drove to Dual Highway, where the informant was dropped off outside a restaurant, the charging document says. Love went into a store and met a man inside, the document says. When the other man left the store, agents followed his car to Edgewood Drive and got its license plate number, the document says.

The informant completed the purchase back at Monaghan’s house, where Love and Monaghan smoked crack while children were in another part of the house, the charging document alleges.

The same informant bought heroin from Love at the Ross Street house, the charging document says.

Although a different address for Love is listed in court documents, the charging documents say he was residing at the Ross Street house where Monaghan lives.

On Thursday, the same informant arranged to buy two ounces of crack cocaine from Love for $3,000, the charging document says. Beforehand, Love drove to a motel and as he was returning to Ross Street, agents stopped his car, the document says.

Agents seized nearly two ounces of crack cocaine and almost 12 grams of heroin from the car, according to allegations in the charging document.

Another man in the car was questioned, but later released, the document says.

Agents searched the Ross Street house and arrested Monaghan. Inside the house, agents found suspected heroin and marijuana, including suspected heroin found on top of a child’s dresser, the document says.

Three pre-school-age children were in the house when agents arrived, the charging document says.

Love and Monaghan are scheduled for preliminary hearings on Nov. 27, court records say.

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