Tuscarora School District students to return to class

November 01, 2012

MERCERSBURG, Pa. — Students in the Tuscarora School District will have school today for the first time all week.

Power was restored to the last of the district’s buildings Thursday afternoon, Tuscarora School Board member Chris Ardinger said.

“We realize trees and things like that could still be down in some areas, but we’re going to let it up to the individual parents whether to send their students or not. Students are permitted to get on the bus elsewhere if they are staying at other houses,” he said.

As Superstorm Sandy slammed the Mercersburg area, it caused widespread outages. West Penn Power’s online reporting system indicated more than 1,500 people remained without electricity at 2:30 p.m. Thursday.

“Waters are receding throughout the area,” said Dave Donohue, director of the Franklin County (Pa.) Department of Emergency Services.

He said preliminary damage assessments from local coordinators identified approximately 500 buildings impacted by the storm, which was strongest late Monday and early Tuesday in the county,


“There is an aerial assessment tentatively scheduled for (Friday) morning, which will assist in assessing and documenting damages and provide an overhead view of stream conditions,” Donohue wrote in an email.

Residents and business people are asked to report damage, including interior water damage, to local coordinators, whose contact information can be provided by municipal offices.

— Jennifer Fitch

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