Letters to the Editor: Oct. 31

October 31, 2012

Candidate’s behavior was ‘unseemly’

To the editor:

After attending the NAACP candidate forum at the Clarion Hotel here in Jefferson County, W.Va., I was appalled at the behavior of Stephen Skinner, delegate candidate for the 67th district.  The forum hosted state delegate candidates and state senate candidates, and the only African American was Jill Upson, delegate candidate for the 65th district, who happens to be a Republican. 

It is my belief that all candidates running for office should behave respectfully towards each other, even if they don't agree.  But Skinner repeatedly attacked Upson's stance and statements, even though he is not running against her.  As a woman in the audience, I was offended at his ungentlemanly behavior.  And as a minority myself, I felt it was unseemly for Skinner to bully her in such a manner.  It was unfortunate that the NAACP moderator didn't seem to have a problem with this.

Considering the aggression shown her and how rudely she was treated, Upson did an exemplary job of defending herself, speaking rationally and calmly to Skinner. I must say that she showed a lot of class. I am thankful to her for running and respect her for her opinions and beliefs. Considering how hard it is to be a candidate, and especially as a minority candidate, I applaud her for her courage and steadfastness. She deserves the votes of her constituents in the 65th district.

Patricia Rucker
Harpers Ferry, W.Va.

The quick answers to Limbaugh’s silly questions

To the editor:

Another week and another masterpiece by David Limbaugh. But David, don’t you see that Obama is too busy right now to answer dumb questions? So please allow me to answer for him.

Obama is not commenting on the accuracy of Valerie Jarrett’s opinion about him.

Joe Klein’s “Too Dumb to Thrive” remark was not aimed at the American people in general, but at David Limbaugh specifically.

Democracy is messy because the world is not black and white — something David Limbaugh and many conservatives will never understand.

Romney “shooting first and aiming later” refers to statements Romney made that seem either insincere or incompetent. Obama’s words in the Henry Gates incident were merely inappropriate.

The terrorist attacks in Benghazi were very much related to the anti-Islam video. The terrorists skillfully used the video-incited protests as a cover.

Obama was 100 percent sincere about everything he ever said, but democracy is messy (as was established by David Limbaugh).

Health insurance plans do not have a conscience.

The federal government does not “fund abortions.” The federal government funds institutions that serve the American people.

The relationship between labor and business has always been adversarial — where have you been hiding David?

GM and Chrysler asked for a bailout, it wasn’t forced upon them.

The reason why Obama issued a memo to ease up on deportation action against DREAM Act aliens is that he cannot change the law — but he can issue memos.

The No Child Left Behind Act does not actually improve education; it only forces schools to waste funds on creating the perception of improving education.

Government provides services (like law and order, public education, or transportation infrastructure) that were improved by stimulus money, which in turn allowed for economic growth, which in turn created jobs.

Even frugal people spend money on things that are urgent and necessary.

With Solyndra the president wanted to make up for promulgating oppressive regulations at an unprecedented pace and being anti-business. It failed. Sorry.

Hans K Buhrer

A strategy for voting

To the editor:

My voting strategy for the November presidential election:

I have listened to the debates and will vote for the one who I think has the best plans to solve our problems.

1. Our first problem, I think, is our national debt; there are ways we can reduce the debt. Let’s put in place a plan to reduce the debt annually.

2. Then secondly, jobs and improving the economy. I want them to say exactly how they would do it, step by step.

3. Thirdly our national defense and our foreign policy needs overhauled to meet our needs in our changing world.

4. All of this is to be accomplished, but within a balanced budget while doing so.

Get out and vote; let’s have a large turn-out. Listen, it can be done and must be done by intelligent people, working together for the people in this great country of ours. Stop the political posturing and work under the statutes of the Constitution, for the people and by the people, let’s keep America great.

Jack Myers

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