Maugansville Ruritan Club property burglarized and damaged

October 31, 2012|By JULIE E. GREENE |

MAUGANSVILLE — As Superstorm Sandy was hitting the Tri-State area, the Maugansville Ruritan Club property was burglarized and damaged Monday night, club officials said.

Ruritan Club member Mike Danley, who is in charge of renting the facility, said nothing was amiss when he left the building Monday. He said he discovered the damage when he arrived at the building Tuesday.

Danley said he wasn’t sure how the main building was accessed Monday night, but noted an interior kitchen door was kicked in and the window in the door was broken.

Keys stored in the building were scattered around the property, and soda and eggs were taken from the refrigerator and left in other parts of the building, Danley said.

The door to a camper, which the club uses during Christmas tree sales, was damaged, Danley said. A steel bar and padlock prevented entry to the camper, he said.

The incident marked the second time in two weeks that the property was damaged, Danley said.

About a week earlier, another door was kicked in at the Ruritan building and a public address system was stolen, Danley said.

He estimated the damage for the Ruritan Club to be at least $1,000, including the cost of replacing the club’s public address system.

Ruritan members found out about the earlier break-in when Hagerstown Police called to say they found one of the club’s fire extinguishers, Danley said. The fire extinguisher had been used to break a car window, he said.

The upstairs of the Maugansville Little League concession stand building also was broken into recently and it was vandalized, possibly over the past weekend, but Danley said he wasn’t sure when that damage occurred.

Graffiti was sprayed on the walls, the ceiling, and on a board containing switches for the Little League scoreboard, Danley said. A public address system from that building was stolen as well, he said.

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