Magazine story, documentary pay tribute to Williamsport's fortitude

October 30, 2012|By TIM KOELBLE |
  • The Williamsport baseball team successfully endured the sorrow of losing friends and family  Nick Adenhart, Brendon Colliflower and Sam Kelly  in two accidents in the last three years, which made winning the 2012 state title all the sweeter.
By Colleen McGrath/Staff Photographer

WILLIAMSPORT — The memories of Brendon Colliflower and Samantha Kelly continue to be a part of Williamsport Nation.
Recently, Sports Illustrated featured a piece it had been working on since mid-summer. The magazine sold out on area newsstands.
The story looks back to May 5, the date of the Williamsport prom and the evening when Colliflower and Kelly were killed in a one-car accident.
“(SI) came in town in mid-July and August and spent time with me and some of the seniors,” said Williamsport baseball coach David Warrenfeltz.
The in-depth piece, written by Chris Ballard, talks about the nighttime hours when Warrenfeltz received a phone call, much as he did when his friend and batterymate Nick Adenhart was killed on April 9, 2009, after pitching his season debut for the Los Angeles Angels.
It examines the relationship Warrenfeltz had with Adenhart, an experience he used to help guide the Wildcats and himself through the mourning of Colliflower’s death.
“To get national attention, I think says a lot about the town and who we are,”Warrenfeltz said. “You think after 5 1/2 months from Brendon and Sam that things would have died down, but I think you do anything you can to keep their memories alive.”
Warrenfeltz said “it’s kind of theraputic” when thinking about the tragedies of the past.
After SI visited town, a video documentary about Williamsport’s tragedies was filmed. Red Line Studios is a production company located in New York City specializing in feature film and production.
“A company came in to talk at the beginning of September,” Warrenfeltz said. “They talked to me, the Colliflower family, (Wildcats baseball player Zach Lucas) and other players.”
The documentary is scheduled to be shown on NBC on Saturday at 2:30 p.m., prior to the Notre Dame football game.

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