Road closures in Franklin County

October 30, 2012

According to Franklin County Emergency Services, the following roads were closed as of 6 a.m. Friday:

Greene Township
• Mount Pleasant Road between Brookens Road and Cook Road
• Woodstock Road between Shadle Road and Cook Road

Guilford Township
• Loop Rd near Franklin County Career and Technology Center

Hamilton Township
• Leafmore Road at the bridge

Lurgan Township
• Burnt Mill Road
• Park Rd

Montgomery Township
• Shimpstown Road between Fort Loudon Road and Blairs Valley Road

Quincy Township
• Cemetery Rd

St. Thomas Township
• Loudon Road at Edenville end, pole down

Washington Township
• Welty Road between Anthony Highway and Amsterdam Road

Southampton Township
• Hickory Run Road
• Mongul Road between Roxbury Road and Orrstown Road

Borough of Chambersburg
• Norland Avenue between Fifth Street and Scotland Avenue
• Loudon Street at Dump Road, bridge is at flood stages

Hamilton Township
• Social Island Road at the bridge is flooded

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