Letters to the Editor: Oct. 28

October 28, 2012

Senior center near golf course would be wonderful

To the editor:

As a 40-year resident of Willard Street, my family and I would absolutely love to see this senior center go in across the street from us.

A few additional points that would make this a good site for the new senior center would include the fact that the Army Reserve Center borders the Municipal Golf Course clubhouse. Seniors could very easily utilize this course by walking out of their back door and directly to the clubhouse. No transportation required.

Another great plus is the fact that the Army Reserve Center already has a nice gymnasium. This location is also only two to three blocks away from Fairgrounds Park, which makes for a nice place to walk and lounge. Fairgrounds Park has also been linked to Pangborn Park via a gravel trail through a nice wooded area.

Just a few items that I thought were worth mentioning. We are very excited to see what unfolds. Fingers crossed over here in favor of seeing this project happen at the former Army Reserve Center.

Scott Davis

Obama has failed to keep ‘promises’ made in 2008

To the editor:

I have been reading items in Letters to the Editor and Mail Call about the coming election on Nov. 6. President Obama is running on the same “promises” he made in 2008.

I do not think he followed through on any of the promises he made in 2008.

He didn’t produce much of the background information that was requested. Now, everyone who voted for Obama wants Gov. Mitt Romney to disclose all kinds of records. It was Obama who said, “The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide.”

In 2013, when Obamacare kicks in, there are as many as 25 taxes that will go into effect. The president has robbed Medicare to support Obamacare, and some doctors are not going to take Medicare patients because of all the red tape. Seniors no longer will get the quality health care they are now receiving.

Think about all the taxes going into effect when Obamacare kicks in Jan. 1, 2013. Think about this when you go to the polls on Nov. 6, because if the president is re-elected, your children and grandchildren will not enjoy the lifestyle you now have.

Mary E. Forrest

Has stadium supporter ever been to Detroit?

To the editor:

This is in response to the letter to the editor concerning the Suns stadium helping downtown Hagerstown, written by Marshall Snively of Lancaster, Pa.

The Lancaster or the Baltimore stadiums are not in downtown areas. I have a question for Mr. Snively: Do you think a stadium will help downtown Hagerstown?

I wonder if he has ever been to Detroit.

Jim Bragunier
Greencastle, Pa.

Thanks to all involved with WWII Weekend

To the editor:

Thanks to all who assisted and all who attended the Fifth Annual Williamsport WWII Weekend.

It is very difficult to show my appreciation to all the individuals who worked to make this event a success, most as unpaid volunteers, but I will make an attempt here.

First, I want to thank Mayor James G. McCleaf, Assistant Mayor Tony Drury, Clerk/Treasurer Donald L. Stotelmyer, Councilwoman and town museum member Joan Knode and her devoted spouse, Gerry, and the entire town council for their unwavering support.

I need to thank town employees Junior Brown, Les Guessford and Bobby Talheam for all the extra effort they and the temporary town employees put in preparing the grounds for the WWII Weekend. The buildings were made ready for the transformation and the re-enactors cannot thank you enough for the foxholes. 

Thanks to the great committee who worked with me directly to make this the best year ever: Marie Bikle, Tania and K.C. Kirkman, Kami and Brad Wenger, Greg Henesy, Keith and Libby Rocco, Pete Gentry, Tim Cook, Phil Mayhue, Nelson Deal, Austin Gisriel and many, many more.

A big thank you to the CAP for again providing the excellent traffic control.

Thanks to those who supply the extra something that is needed to make the event such a success: Bill Riley (Bud Abbott), Joe Ziegler (Lou Costello), Jason Crutchley (Scoop Fields), Jump Alley (the USO Band), Holsinger’s (food) and Downsville Grocery (concessions), and the town band that closes the event each year with a marvelous patriotic concert that only it can perform.

And last, but far from least, the many re-enactors (well over 100 this year). They drive hours to sleep in the cold, stand in the mud and work harder than their day jobs would ever require just to give the public a glimpse of a moment in time when the world was torn apart and our country’s future was uncertain. Your cooperation has been excellent. That one detail I can point to, year after year, makes the continuance of this event possible.

Kim L. Bowers

CVB supports multiuse sports and events center

To the editor:

The board of directors of the Hagerstown-Washington County Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB), representing 300 local business community members, voted to support the downtown location of the Multi-Use Sports and Event Center project. The board of directors understands that this project will not increase the property taxes of Hagerstown’s residents.

This new facility is a joint city and county partnership. With assistance from the state and from the private sector, the redevelopment project will be a welcome addition to downtown Hagerstown. This project also will help save the city money, with the Hagerstown Suns expected to increase lease payments from $1 per year to $300,000 annually.

The leadership of the CVB believes that this new facility will not only be a significant downtown renewal project, but also an amenity and an attraction. Although the CVB is specifically structured as a marketing entity, the board of directors has publicly committed to provide financial support to the project. The board believes the new facility will provide benefit to all CVB members as well as the citizens of Washington County.

The CVB has committed up to $60,000 per year from its portion of the “Hotel/Motel” tax beginning in the calendar year when the project opens and continuing for six years. The board of directors recognizes that Hagerstown has challenges with attracting visitors downtown, and the new facility would help bring hundreds of thousands of people here. When fully open, the new stadium will bring millions of dollars to our economy.

This new project will help the CVB’s mission to develop tourism and market Washington County to meeting planners, leisure travelers and business customers. By state law, the CVB is funded by taxes paid by visitors to Washington County. As the destination marketing organization for Washington County, the CVB benefits the local economy by promoting the county as an attractive place for tourists, groups, conventions, business travelers and day-trippers.

More information is available at

Thomas B. Riford, president and CEO
Hagerstown-Washington County Convention and Visitors Bureau

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