What's Right With This Picture?

October 28, 2012
  • Hager Street, near the site of the former Washington County Hospital, no longer has '2 Hour Parking' signs.
Photo by Andrew Schotz

A follow-up: Dennis Martin of Hagerstown contacted The Herald-Mail earlier this year about the “2 Hour Parking” signs on Hager Street. He said the signs were put up to keep Washington County Hospital employees from parking on neighborhood streets all day while they were at work.
But a year-and-a-half after the old hospital had been torn down, the signs were still there.
Martin doesn’t live on Hager Street, but his mother and his aunt do. He said he looks after their property.
In July, there were “2 Hour Parking” signs along one side of Hager Street.
At the time, Eric B. Deike, the city’s manager of public works, when asked about the signs, wrote in an email: “It appears that the signs are no longer needed. We need to complete our verification of this tomorrow. If the signs are not needed, the signs and posts will be removed in the near future (probably next week).”
He noted that there might be similar signs to remove on Cannon Avenue and East Baltimore Street, also near the former hospital site.
Deike also wrote: “HPD (Hagerstown Police Department) does oversee a parking permit system along Hager Street. With the hospital no longer on-site, this system may no longer be needed. HPD and the residents should re-evaluate the need for the service.”
In another email, Deike wrote: “The removal of these signs were probably an oversight when the parking meters were removed.”

Who fixed it: the city of Hagerstown
“Any signs that restricted parking around the former hospital site were removed during the week of July 9-13,” Deike wrote in an email on Thursday.
— Compiled by Andrew Schotz

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