Letter to the Editor: Oct. 26

October 26, 2012

Republican Central Committee seeks voters’ support

To the editor:

Recent horrific developments around the world — particularly in Benghazi — sadly illustrate the incompetent nature of this presidency. Along with the Chicago-style cooking of impossible economic and employment numbers at the 11th hour, multiplied debts without a budget for several years, terms like “fiscal cliff” within the daily dialogue and the absence of accountable press conferences, it all painfully reveals the necessity for an immediate change. The business leadership skills of Mitt Romney and the financial wisdom of Paul Ryan present a team perfectly suited for such a time as this.

The new Romney administration will need the help of Congress. It has been years since such an engaging and exciting new figure like Dan Bongino has burst upon the Maryland political scene. He represents the sort of fresh change that is needed in the United States Senate.

Congressman Bartlett has toiled over his years of service to be there with a steady hand of conservative values for just such a time as this — to support reforms that will reinstate those policies that have granted our country success in the past: lower taxes, individual responsibility, strong defense and the right to life, etc. And, in the spirit of Reagan, he is committed to not let the age and inexperience of his opponent be an issue in this election.

You will note on your ballot the critical referendum questions 4, 5 and 6, for which we solicit your “against” vote. Voting “against” affirms traditional marriage, disallows college funding for illegal immigrants and restores the prospect of reasonable congressional districts that fairly represent all Marylanders.

We need your participation at such a time as this, for we live in perilous days — a time where our country desperately needs a restoration to the timeless principles that have made America the greatest nation in all of history. Thank you for standing with us at this critical hour.

Randy Buchman
Washington County Republican Central Committee

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