Prep Cross Country: Warriors girls, 'Cats boys retain county titles

October 25, 2012|By ANDREW MASON |
  • Boonsboros Sarah Zielinski (20) leads North Hagerstowns Emily Ward (141) and the rest of the pack at the start of the girls race Thursday at the Washington County championships.
By Ric Dugan/Staff Photographer

HAGERSTOWN — The Boonsboro girls and Williamsport boys dominated again at the 35th annual Washington County Cross Country Championships on Thursday at North Hagerstown.

Senior Sarah Zielinski took top individual honors in the girls race for the third consecutive year while leading Boonsboro to its second straight girls team title.

It was the fifth straight county team title for the Williamsport boys, who were led by individual champ Cody Bowman.

Bowman, a senior, took the lead from Boonsboro’s Sean Snyder a little more than a mile into the 3.02-mile race and held on to win in 15:59.3. Snyder then fought off a trio of Bowman’s teammates to take second in 16:20.3.

“I definitely wanted to win it, and I wanted to break 16:00,” said Bowman, who was fifth at last year’s county championships. “That was awesome. It feels amazing.”

Once Bowman took the lead, he was in total control.

“I was just letting (Snyder) lead it for a while,” he said. “And then I felt like taking over and making him try to run at my pace.”

The Wildcats had six top-10 finishers, including four in the top five, as Caleb Buchman placed third (16:22.4), Austin Schetrompf was fourth (16:26.3), Cody Grams finished fifth (16:33.8), Scott Long placed seventh (16:45.0) and Clayton Smith finished ninth (16:53.0).

Williamsport finished with a mere 20 points, while Boonsboro was second (42) and South Hagerstown was third (90) in the seven-team field.

“Of course, the strength is our pack,” Williamsport coach Randy Buchman said. “Our first five guys ran to their ability level, so I’m pleased for them. Cody Bowman ran confidently in the lead, like he should have.

“I’m always pleased in a race like this just to come away with everyone healthy so we can continue to build to the end of the year,” he added.

Zielinski led from start to finish in the girls race, winning in 18:25.9. North’s Emily Ward kept it close for the first half of the race, before fading to a distant second in 18:49.4.

Zielinski’s strategy seemed simple: “Just run,” she said.

“I just went for it,” she said. “I heard footsteps, and then they started going away.”

And her reign as county champ extended to three seasons.

“That’s pretty impressive,” Boonsboro coach Becky Walter said. “It’s not like it was just handed to her. She raced well, and it paid off for her.”

Zielinski said the main goal was the team title, and that never was in doubt.

The Warriors had five top-10 finishers, including four in the top five, as Kortney Cunningham placed third (19:33.9), Sam Smith finished fourth (20:13.5), Ella Hawkins was fifth (20:21.2) and Jenny Moore was ninth (21:05.3).

Boonsboro finished with 22 points, while Williamsport edged North 80-83 for second.

“It’s nice to win it again. They’ve been working hard and were looking forward to it,” Walter said. “It was nice having a good run on a fast course leading to regions and states. That will build confidence. ... Hopefully we’ll have the same outcome in two weeks (at states).”

Other top-10 finishers in the girls race included Smithsburg’s Chelsie Massie (sixth, 20:34.7), North’s Brittany Appleby (seventh, 20:37.2) and Allison Martin (10th, 21:14.7) and Williamsport’s Meggan Grams (eighth, 21:03.8).

Other top-10 finishers in the boys race included Boonsboro’s Otto Solberg (sixth, 16:37.6) and Nick Zielinski (10th, 16:54.1) and North’s Carson Izer (eighth, 16:47.4).

Prep Cross Country
Washington County
at North Hagerstown (3.02 miles)
Girls results
Teams: 1. Boonsboro 22; 2. Williamsport 80; 3. North Hagerstown 83; 4. Smithsburg 99; 5. South Hagerstown 116; 6. Clear Spring 120. Incomplete — Hancock.
Top 25: 1. Sarah Zielinski (Bo) 18:25.9; 2. Emily Ward (NH) 18:49.4; 3. Kortney Cunningham (Bo) 19:33.9; 4. Sam Smith (Bo) 20:13.5; 5. Ella Hawkins (Bo) 20:21.2; 6. Chelsea Massie (Sm) 20:34.7; 7. Brittany Appleby (NH) 20:37.2; 8. Meggan Grams (Wi) 21:03.8; 9. Jenny Moore (Bo) 21:05.3; 10. Allison Martin (NH) 21:14.7; 11. Carly Yost (CS) 21:39.4; 12. Marly Ensfield (Bo) 21:40.7; 13. Morgan Tosten (Wi) 21:49.3; 14. Kimberly Cunningham (Wi) 22:31.5; 15. Joelle Barnhart (CS) 22:38.3; 16. Morgan Pettner (CS) 22:43.3; 17. Sage Brewer (SH) 22:46.5; 18. Olivia Shoop (SH) 22:55.0; 19. Sandra Reynolds (Sm) 22:57.6; 20. Yasmine Rodriguez (Wi) 23:01.2; 21. Natalie Strassberger (SH) 23:07.5; 22. Lexi Bane (Bo) 23:11.3; 23. Emma Zahm (Sm) 23:13.4; 24. Lexi Foreman (Ha) 23:17.1; 25. Kailey Stracka (Sm) 23:18.3.
Boys results
Teams: 1. Williamsport 20; 2. Boonsboro 42; 3. South Hagerstown 90; 4. North Hagerstown 112; 5. Smithsburg 128; 6. Clear Spring 191; 7. Hancock 202.
Top 25: 1. Cody Bowman (Wi) 15:59.3; 2. Sean Snyder (Bo) 16:20.3; 3. Caleb Buchman (Wi) 16:22.4; 4. Austin Schetrompf (Wi) 16:26.3; 5. Cody Grams (Wi) 16:33.8; 6. Otto Solberg (Bo) 16:37.6; 7. Scott Long (Wi) 16:45.0; 8. Carson Izer (NH) 16:47.4; 9. Clayton Smith (Wi) 16:53.0; 10. Nick Zielinski (Bo) 16:54.1; 11. Tom Kersting (Bo) 16:54.9; 12. Emory Rowland (Wi) 17:17.4; 13. Josh Testa (Bo) 17:23.5; 14. Daniel Hockensmith (SH) 17:23.8; 15. Alex Thaggard (Bo) 17:24.2; 16. Randy Lohman (Bo) 17:24.4; 17. Isaiah Merrill (SH) 17:31.3; 18. Bryan Letendre (Bo) 17:32.2; 19. Austin Keplinger (Wi) 17:33.5; 20. Hunter Hartman (SH) 17:35.2; 21. Brian Garcia (Sm) 17:47.6; 22. Ethan Allnut (Bo) 17:48.9; 23. Brandon Racine (Wi) 17:50.0; 24. Tony Rostek (SH) 17:50.3; 25. Darren Harmen (SH) 17:51.3.

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