Letters to the Editor: Oct. 24

October 24, 2012

Obama, Biden are like boys with wooden swords

To the editor:

Nothing makes clear the obvious lack of understanding of war and peace by the two senior occupants of our White House than their recent order to attack killers of our ambassador and others in Benghazi. President Obama and Vice President Biden mirror two small boys with paper hats and wooden swords. Revenge deaths are not our goal. Safety, responsibilty and security are.

You don’t win wars by simply killing all who kill you. Finding killers and sending an unmanned drone after them is far easier than attaining and maintaining peace.

David L. Woods
Hedgesville, W.Va.

Is your faith in nothing or is it in God?

To the editor:

I read Allan Powell’s column on the supernatural (Sept. 20). It was interesting to read that Powell and his mentor, E.O. Wilson, have impatience, even irritation with people of faith.

To them, I say there is no absolute knowledge. Life is a matter of faith and the question is: In what will you put your faith? They want us to believe that in the beginning there was nothing — no matter, no time, just nothing. Then appeared a wormhole, and in that wormhole appeared a particle — maybe a quark or even smaller. This tiny particle exploded.

Now, there is a heat of billions and billions of degrees. This congealed into forms of matter. Many of these forms existed for only a trillionth of a second, but they created matter very quickly. The inner actions took place every 25 nanoseconds. That is 40 million times a second. This explosion created a universe out of nothing.

There were trillions of stars, planets, comets and black holes. It calmed down into the Milky Way and a medium star called “the sun.” As things cooled, nine planets were created, all out of nothing.

Can Powell deny that even if this fantasy is right, its astounding complexity shows a masterful design? And a masterful design demands a designer. And so we have the choice of faith. Do you want to put your faith in nothing or a masterful designer, God?

Powell tells us the claim that life has a supernatural cause is unsupportable. Anyone who looks at the masterful design inside a single cell with 3.1 billion genomes carrying the exact design of life can see it is more than just an evolutionary accident. Powell has more faith in nothing than I have in God.

Robert Stone
Mercersburg, Pa.

How poor is poor enough?

To the editor:

How much poverty can Hagerstown really handle? In the past four years, we’ve watched our “middle-class” incomes drop or stay essentially the same, while gas prices have doubled and everything else, including groceries, health care and taxes, has gone up, too. If this is the middle-class tax break the president promised before his first term, we can’t afford another one. Neither can our kids. As the deficit increases, neither can their kids.  

According to the Wall Street Journal of Sept. 13, middle-class income across the country has sunk to an inflation-adjusted 1995 level. 

Have you driven through downtown Hagerstown lately? How good has this president been for our community? About the only doors left open downtown look to be bail bonds places or government-funded.  We’ve watched coffee shops, restaurants and clothing stores close one after another. Some moved out of downtown; some just gave up. 

Folks, do you like poverty? Are we really willing to give up the freedom of opportunity in America, the free market for a free lunch?  Because the lunch we’re being offered by our current government is pretty poor. I’d still like the freedom to choose my own and to make it myself. I have to believe most Americans would still prefer to make their own living, do something meaningful, perhaps even start their own business, rather than cash a check from the government. 

Enough with the poverty experiment for me. I like those downtown windows to have shops in them. Hagerstown can’t afford four more years of this president. Let’s be America.  

Dori Groenendyk

Maryland residents urged to vote against Question 5

To the editor:

Among the many questions on the November ballot, Question 5 — on congressional redistricting — is important for all Marylanders, despite the lack of advertising and publicity compared with other questions. The ballot wording is confusing, so it is important for voters to understand that Question 5 is on whether to ratify the new map, enacted by the General Assembly last year, for continued use in 2014-20. I urge my fellow Marylanders of both parties to vote against Question 5.

While it’s one thing for the new map to disadvantage a political party, I am much more concerned about how the new map also disadvantages and effectively disenfranchises certain rural and suburban Marylanders by tying together these small population areas with distant and unrelated large population areas using thin ribbons. In this manner, northern Frederick and Carroll counties have been tied with a ribbon into the new 8th District (mostly lower Montgomery County), central Anne Arundel County was tied into the new 4th District (mostly western Prince George’s County) and much of northern Baltimore County was tied into the new 7th District (mostly Baltimore City). The new map can be seen on the state’s website at

If we vote against Question 5 and reject the map, the governor and General Assembly will have to enact a new map, hopefully with more cohesive districts, for use in our 2014-20 elections. Please vote on Nov. 6 and vote against Question 5.

Steve Shapiro
Bethesda, Md.

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