Letters to the Editor - Oct. 23

October 23, 2012

A vote for Brightman is a vote for integrity

To the editor:

I am writing to advocate for and support the election of Donna Brightman as she is a candidate for re-election to the Washington County Public Schools Board of Education. I have known Mrs. Brightman for the past eight years and have witnessed her passion for the students and staff of our public schools.

Mrs. Brightman has had two sons graduate from WCPS, yet her interest in quality education goes beyond the personal. She is a business person who understands the fiduciary responsibility of the elected board to ensure the effective use of the fiscal resources provided by the Washington County Commissioners, the state and federal governments. Her understanding of finances can only be an asset to the board’s oversight of taxpayers’ money.

Mrs. Brightman is thoughtful, resourceful and willing to discuss most any issue that would affect local education. She regularly attends community meetings and makes herself available for concerns from citizens and always will find the answer or will find the person at the WCPS central office who can address the concern.

Her most important trait and what makes her so valuable as a board member is her integrity. If she says she will do something, it gets done. She has the ability to ask probing questions and seeks complete answers before she makes a decision or casts a vote on a policy. I have witnessed her willingness to cast a dissenting vote when she feels it is in the best interests of the public.

Mrs. Brightman will assist the superintendent of schools meet the challenges of the future by providing oversight that is cooperative, yet demanding what is best for the children of Washington County. A vote for her will be a vote for the best possible education for the citizens of our community.

Robert T. Myers
Waynesboro, Pa.

AFL-CIO Labor Council makes endorsements

To the editor:

The Central Maryland AFL-CIO Labor Council has voted on its endorsements for the City of Hagerstown Mayor and Council elections.

The labor council includes all AFL-CIO affiliated unions in Washington and Frederick counties. The City of Hagerstown union employees are represented by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, the International Association of Fire Fighters and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

The council conducted interviews with the candidates and made its endorsements based on the candidates’ support for working families, fiscal responsibility and ability to achieve results. The candidate endorsements are as follows:

• Kristin Aleshire for council
• Martin Brubaker for council

• Dave Gysberts for Mayor

• Lew Metzner for council

• Don Munson for council

• Penny Nigh for council

Chip Cook, COPE chairperson
Central Maryland AFL-CIO Labor Council

Natural selection is a filter, not a ‘mystical force’

To the editor:

In his letter concerning evolution (Oct. 15), Charlie Gower compares evolution to a church, implying that it is a religious concept, a “mystical force.” 

His argument is unfortunate for two reasons: 1). It implies that religious arguments are of low quality; 2). It is untrue. 

First, religious arguments often fail because they are not supported by evidence. Gower’s claim that we can trace our lineage to the Garden of Eden is a case in point. 

There is no such evidence, only an unconfirmed story starting with Adam and Eve from a book written centuries after the alleged fact, and a fanciful tally of biblical “begetting” over about 60 centuries. James Ussher conducted the tally in the 17th century. He determined that the first day of creation began at nightfall preceding Sunday, Oct, 23, 4004 B.C. — an impossibly precise determination given the many time gaps in the Bible.

Gower’s arguments against evolution are untrue. He claims that evolution is “not subject to investigation by man.” True, we weren’t there to watch, but we do have forensic evidence.

Gower ignores the fossil record stretching back 4 billion years, and ignores the evidence of vestigial organs such as the wings of flightless birds and the eyes of cavefish, which make sense only if they are remnants that have lost their original function through natural selection. 

He ignores ‘homologies’ — similar characteristics due to relatedness — such as the humerus bone in the upper arm, found in frogs, lizards, birds and people. And he ignores biogeography, such as the impact of continental drift, and isolation on islands where colonizing species change in the absence of predation, loosing features and gaining others. 

Natural selection is not a “mystical force,” it is a filter.

Larry Zaleski

Volunteers made ‘little old lady very happy’

To the editor:

So, you do not believe in angels?

You should have come to my house on Oct. 10. You would have seen a whole group of angels, giving their time, energy, ability and knowledge, working diligently to make my home better: a new deck floor, new steps for the side porch and girders all around the house. They even planted flowers.

They certainly made this little old lady very happy.

Doris J. Harnish

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