Goretti students score above average in AP exams, SATs

October 21, 2012

St. Maria Goretti High School announced its students recently scored above the state of Maryland and Archdiocese of Baltimore averages for Advanced Placement exams and SATs.

For those that took an AP exam during the spring semester of 2012, 92 percent scored a three or above on a five-point scale, with a score of three or above considered qualified to receive college credit.

The average for the state is 49 percent for scores of a three or above.

The average for the archdiocese was 74 percent.

Additionally, the average SAT score for Goretti’s class of 2012 was 1,687 out of 2,400, compared to the state’s average of 1,487.

Principal Bridget Bartholomew attributes the rising test scores to the combined dedication of students and faculty.

“These remarkable AP and SAT scores really go hand in hand with our students, who continue to be focused and driven to achieving their highest potential along with faculty who truly believe in professional development to evolve their lesson plans for the betterment of the entire student body,” Bartholomew said.

In addition to higher test scores, Goretti also has a senior, Jessica Swarner, who is a National Merit semifinalist, along with three students who received letters of commendation from the program.

Swarner is one of 16,000 semifinalists selected out of 1.5 million nationwide based on PSAT scores.

She will find out in early 2013 if she will become a finalist to receive a National Merit Scholarship.

Those who received the letters of commendation are Michael Bramson, Wyatt Derr and Ellie Gorman.

These students have the chance to receive scholarships from the National Merit program.

Goretti is a Catholic, coeducational, college preparatory high school in Hagerstown. The school will hold an open house Sunday at 1 p.m., where families can take individual tours led by Goretti students and learn more about the school.

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