What's wrong with this picture?

October 21, 2012
  • This sign on W.Va. 9 in Jefferson County lists "Wiltshire Blvd." for an approaching exit, but the correct name is "Wiltshire Road." The West Virginia Department of Transportation plans to replace the sign.
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The problem: Anne Parkinson of Shenandoah Junction, W.Va., wrote in an email to The Herald-Mail: “Not sure who is responsible, but this is a huge pet peeve with me every time I pass this sign that was installed on Rt. 9 in Jefferson Co(unty), W.Va. It is not Wiltshire Blvd., it is Wiltshire Rd. Does not someone proofread signs before installing? It has been incorrect ever since this portion of Rt. 9 was opened. Locals understand this is incorrect, but I feel it could be very confusing and inconvenient for out-of-area travelers.”

Parkinson said by phone Friday that the incorrect sign has been up for at least a year. She points it out to her son whenever they pass it, which is often. It’s the exit she takes to get home.

Who can fix it: West Virginia Department of Transportation

What they say: Carrie Bly, a spokeswoman for the West Virginia Department of Transportation, responded on Thursday in an email:


“Our expressway crew in District 5 is aware of the mistake ... We are looking to replace it. I don’t have a timeline on when it will be corrected.”

— Compiled by Andrew Schotz

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