South Hagerstown High hopes home field advantage earns a Tournament of Bands championship

October 20, 2012|By DAN DEARTH |
  • The Northern Garrett Marching Band performs for the crowd and judges at the Tournament of Bands Chapter V Championships at School Stadium on Saturday.
By Ric Dugan, Staff Photographer

Members of the South Hagerstown High School marching band were on a mission Saturday to win on their home turf after placing second last year in the Tournament of Bands championship.

Junior Kellilyn Meyer said part of the band’s strategy included relying on their knowledge of every terrain feature on the field.

“We’re pretty pumped,” she said. “We know where all the bumps are and everything. We can use it to help boost our scores.”

The South Hagerstown High School band was one of 15 to compete in the Tournament of Bands Chapter V Championships. South High and North Hagerstown High School were the only bands to participate from Washington County.

Several of the South band members said they wanted to use the experience to get better.

“It’s an opportunity to watch other bands to learn and improve,” South percussionist Juwan Williams said.

He said the band’s scores have improved with each competition this year. On Saturday, they hoped to continue that trend by performing “Little Red,” a number they’ve practiced and performed hundreds of times.


“For a lot of these kids, band is our lives,” he said. “You make friends. It helps you establish a sense of working with others.”

Sophomore piccolo player Kerrin Pryor said she participated with the South High band in the Tournament of Bands last year. She said she didn’t feel nervous about performing Saturday night.

“You always show people what you’ve got,” she said. “If you go in there thinking you’re going to lose, you will.”

Several of the band members balked when asked whether they were tired of the football team getting all of the glory on game nights.

“The football team wouldn’t function without our music,” Pryor said.

“We have more trophies than them,” another shouted.

Meyer, however, said they all work as one unit.

“The band and the football team kind of work together,” she said. “I just like making music.”

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