Shuster speaks to Greencastle-Antrim Chamber of Commerce

House Republican visits Zullinger business to celebrate 'great American success story'

October 16, 2012|By JENNIFER FITCH |
  • U.S. Rep. Bill Shuster and Sandy Poffenberger, president of CAM Superline, talk during a tour of CAM's trailer-manufacturing facilities Tuesday morning in Zullinger, Pa.
By Yvette May, Staff Photographer

GREENCASTLE, Pa. — U.S. Rep. Bill Shuster told Greencastle-Antrim Chamber of Commerce members Tuesday that his report from the Capitol would be brief.

“To sum it up, not much is happening in Washington,” Shuster told the crowd of 60 people.

Shuster, R-Pa., claimed House Republicans like him are passing bills and trying to take steps to improve the economy.

“It’s the other body on the other side of the Capitol — the Senate — that has done virtually nothing,” he said.

Shuster served as the keynote speaker during a chamber breakfast meeting. Afterward, he talked to representatives of the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers and toured CAM Superline in Zullinger, Pa.

Mercersburg, Pa., resident Debra Collins questioned why lawmakers won’t work across the table and end the partisanship.

“I’m a little frustrated,” she said at the chamber event.

Shuster said President Obama did not take ideas from Republicans in Congress when crafting health care reform. He said there are aspects of the legislation he can personally support.


“We’ve got to sit down and talk to each other, but it takes two,” he said.

Members of the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers discussed regulations with Shuster, saying some of them are burdensome to the industry. The congressman commended the association’s representatives for their efforts to self-regulate.

Sandy Poffenberger showed Shuster around CAM Superline, where workers welded and assembled dump trailers. Poffenberger, the CAM Superline president, and some business partners purchased the company in 2001.

CAM Superline expanded from a few people in a rented garage to 80 people working in Wharf Road Industrial Park. Poffenberger said the company will be adding a second shift and 20 people by the end of the year.

“We built our business on loyal customers, and I have the best group of employees,” she said.

CAM Superline’s trailers are typically used for construction equipment, but it added a homeowners’ line called Maxum, Poffenberger said. The Maxum line did well despite the down economy, she said.

Shuster called CAM Superline “just a great American success story.”

“If the federal government is on her back when it comes to paying more taxes, that means less money to invest in the business, less money to buy equipment and less money to hire employees, as well as the regulation that sometimes goes over and beyond what needs to be,” he said.

Shuster is being challenged in the Nov. 6 election by Karen Ramsburg, an independent who received enough write-in votes in the primary to receive the Democratic nomination.

Ramsburg lives in the Mercersburg, Pa., area.

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