School board to consider employee selling policy

October 15, 2012

The Washington County Board of Education is scheduled to vote on a second reading Tuesday of a revised policy concerning employees selling items while on school property or using school system email.

The proposed policy states employees are prohibited from “operating a commercial enterprise” on school system property or through school system email for “personal profit or gain” or for the profit or gain of others.

The proposal does not preclude selling items to benefit nonprofit groups, as approved by an employee’s immediate supervisor.

The board approved the first reading of the revised policy by a 6-1 vote on Oct. 2 with Board President Wayne Ridenour voting against it, according to a video of the meeting.

“This is one that just makes very little sense to me,” Ridenour said.

“If a teacher comes and sells a cookie to another teacher and makes 10 cents off of it or sells a Longaberger basket and makes a couple bucks off of it, I really don’t care, personally,” Ridenour said. They shouldn’t have to walk off school property to exchange a basket, he said.

Ridenour said he would take issue with a teacher trying to sell stuff to a child, or a principal is trying to sell stuff to an employee the principal supervises.

“I can’t vote for this because I don’t think it’s necessary. I think it’s overkill,” Ridenour said.

— Julie E. Greene

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