Mail Call - Oct. 15

October 14, 2012

“To the atheist from Clear Spring: Yes, it is your choice what you believe, but there should not be a law to take away others’ choices. It should be thrown out. It’s discriminating.”
— Sabillasville, Md.

“Kudos to a very courageous and informed man by the name of Jim Rosko, from Boonsboro. Mr. Rosko wrote a letter to the editor that appeared on Wednesday, Oct. 3, on the Opinion page. Mr. Rosko outlined a complete and accurate account of Barack Obama’s failures in office as president of the United States. I don’t believe he missed a single one. I pray that all Americans who love our country will read that article and research what Mr. Rosko said. If they take the time to do this, they will see the truth. We can’t afford, as individuals, and our country cannot afford, four more years of this incompetence and lack of leadership. Look at our debt. Look at unemployment and underemployment. Look at the housing situation, the energy situation, the Middle East crisis.”
 — Clear Spring

“To the Christian from Hagerstown who said that we non-Christians should leave you alone to believe or not believe as you wish: Fine by me, so long as you don’t impose your religious beliefs on us non-Christians, and that includes requiring that we stand and join in a prayer that invokes Jesus or your God. Public meetings are for everyone, not just Christians, and a moment of silence reflects that respect for everyone’s beliefs in a way that no public prayer can. After all, freedom of religion not only means any religion, but also freedom from someone else’s religion. Thank you for your consideration and good manners in that respect, and have a nice day.”
— Boonsboro

“I’d just like to comment on the editorial by Jim Rosko from Boonsboro. It was great, and more people need to read it and put some thought into it. And also comment on the fact that the person complained that they couldn’t afford uniforms for their child, but yet their child wore jeans and hoodies, which are very expensive. If you can pay that much money for hoodies and jeans, you can actually pay for a uniform.”
— Martinsburg, W.Va.

“I have no problem with Mitt Romney investing his personal money in any country he chooses to. I do have a problem with President Obama spending millions of dollars of stimulus money, belonging to the American taxpayers, on companies that buy many of their products from China, such as the energy companies that buy wind turbines and solar panels from China. Many of these companies wasted their stimulus money, and have since gone out of business. That is ... problem contributing to the national debt.”
— Hedgesville, W.Va.

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