Penny M. Nigh - Hagerstown City Council Candidates Q&A

October 13, 2012
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Name: Penny M. Nigh
Date of birth: Sept. 5, 1947
Address: 634 N. Mulberry St., Hagerstown
Education: High school graduate
Occupation: Domestic engineer/Grandmother
Party: Democrat
Political experience: Two terms City Council

Q: A significant amount of public taxpayer money over a long period has been committed to help pay for the local share of debt service on the proposed multiuse sports and events center. If elected, would you continue to support this? Why or why not?

A: No. A) There has never yet been a reach-out to the citizens/taxpayers of Hagerstown for their input.  B) The old stadium can be re-habbed under the conditions set forth by the Nationals for far less than the cost of the new stadium.


Q: How would you entice businesses to locate within city limits?

A: Get in City personnel who are familiar with the City and its businesses, as well as being familiar with the work of revitalizing a downtown.


Q: In your opinion, what issue will be the most crucial facing the upcoming administration? How will you help address it?

A: End the stadium boondoggle. By voting no! on all related issues and questions on the “multi-purpose complex” we can not only save the taxpayers’ money but avoid a possible bankruptcy when we can’t repay the municipal bond loan.


Q: Do you think Hagerstown’s downtown can be truly “revitalized?” If so, what besides a new stadium, can the city do to spur the process?

A: First, I do not believe a new stadium in that tight little corner at Baltimore and Summit is going to revitalize our downtown. I repeat, we need to hire new personnel, professionals familiar with the City and the problems of revitalizing a downtown.


Q: Does Hagerstown have enough public safety personnel? If not, what changes would you make and how would you fund any increases?

A: No! We need more police patrol officers, especially in the neighborhoods and firefighters, especially the “white collars” in leadership positions. According to the NFPA standards, we are down 5 “frozen” positions we must have: 1 Deputy Chief; 3 Captains, and 1 Public Safety Educator are needed now. We can pay for them with a fraction of the money being allocated for the new stadium.

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