Letters to the Editor - Oct. 14

October 12, 2012

The best person for the United States is Mitt Romney

To the editor:

Mitt Romney has the right ideas about how to run our country. While both the incumbent and the Republican nominee want to help their country, it is my opinion that Romney has the best way to accomplish that.

Our current President, Barack Obama, believes that the federal government is important to the welfare of the people, and in a way, he is correct. However, the government is too involved in the affairs of small business owners, the unemployed, and the economy. Things like food stamps and stimulus packages are just making the country’s debt larger. Obama believes in reinforcing the infrastructure of the government, and regulating the economy and businesses.

The Republican Party’s nomination, Mitt Romney, intends to let the government leave small businesses alone, and let the economy fix itself. He encourages a free market economy, and plans on lowering taxes on every income level. He believes that the people should decide the definition of marriage, not the courts. He has stood behind his intent to reduce the federal work force and reduce government spending.


Romney also thinks that the health care reform should remain a state-level decision.

If we are to truly leave this recession, we need to let the people do it themselves. While President Obama has spent four years in control of this country, it’s time for Mitt Romney to improve the United States.

With more power to the states and less government spending, it is a step on the path to more independent and strong citizens of the United States of America.

James Coe

Editor’s note: James is a 16-year-old home-schooled 11th-grader.

Not everyone blames the president for all our ills

To the editor:

I am writing in response to the letter by Jim Rosko, printed in The Herald-Mail on Oct. 3. Mr. Rosko repeatedly uses the word “we” when ranting about President Obama. He uses the word as though everyone is in agreement with him. The word “we” means one’s self and several others.

He certainly does not speak for all voters, including myself. Contrary to his belief, not everyone blames the president for all of our ills. Many of us feel that he is doing the best job that he can, considering the mess that President Bush left him, and a conservative Congress that has sat on its hands for two years, hoping that this president fails.

In the future it would be better if he used such words and phrases as, the conservative party, Republicans, the tea party, or many of us, and don’t forget me, and I.

I am a liberal, but I would never attempt to speak for everyone in my party, and certainly not for the whole country.

In closing, I would also ask that writers and speakers tread lightly when stating what “the American people don’t want” when talking about health care and taxes, because millions of Americans stand with our president regarding these and other issues. In the future, please speak only for yourselves.

Raymond Young

Local salon helps Volunteer Washington County

To the editor:

What makes Bella Spa and Salon so unique? Not only does Bella offer a full range of salon and spa services delivered with technical expertise and a creative flair, it is the only salon in Hagerstown to partner with Volunteer Washington County to promote volunteerism and civic engagement.

According to Bella Salon’s website, their motto is, “We believe ‘it’s all about you!’” Bella could easily have a second motto, “It’s all about community!”

During the month of September, Bella sponsored a food drive to help end hunger in our community. To encourage participation in the food drive, Bella entered the names of all patrons who donated food items in a drawing for a Bella Salon and Spa gift certificate. Volunteer Washington County thanks all those who donated food items and recognizes Karen Palmer as the winner. All of the food was dropped off at the Maryland Food Bank-Western Branch.

Volunteer Washington County greatly appreciates its partnership with Bella and recognizes it as a Business that Cares. VWC believes every business has something to give and can in some way strengthen our community. We don’t know your strengths, but you do. Call today and get involved.
Bernadette Wagner
Volunteer Washington County

Thanks to those who supported Hinkle tournament

To the editor:

On behalf of the Myersville Volunteer Fire Co., I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for participating in the 17th annual Wayne E. Hinkle Memorial Golf Tournament on Sept. 17. This year’s event was a huge success once again.

First, we would like to thank the Musket Ridge Golf Club and staff, who graciously hosted this year’s tournament.

We were blessed with businesses and individuals that sponsored this tournament. This was a successful event because of businesses, individuals and golfers such as you.

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