Gas prices rise in Hagerstown

October 11, 2012|By CALEB CALHOUN |

It is now six straight weeks that the national average of regular grade gas has set a new record for the calendar day, according to the AAA Mid-Atlantic weekend gas watch, and there is still little relief at the pump.

With the national average at $3.81 per gallon Thursday, it is actually up from last week at $3.78 per gallon despite the end of summer and lower global crude-oil prices, according to the AAA Daily Fuel Gauge website at

Prices are lower overall throughout the state of Maryland at $3.70, but they were $3.84 in Hagerstown on Thursday, up from $3.81 at the same time the previous week and from $3.78 a month ago.

Nationally, prices have still fallen 19 of the last 21 days, according to the Weekend Gas Watch, but they have been increasing across the northeast and west coast.

Gas prices reached record highs in California this week, hitting $4.75 in certain areas. The overall average Thursday was $4.65 for regular grade gas, according to the fuel gauge.

On Thursday around Hagerstown, the lowest recorded prices for regular grade gas were $3.75 at the AC&T stations on Wesel Boulevard and Hopewell Road, the Martins station on Wesel Boulevard, and the Pilot Travel Centers on Greencastle Pike and Halfway Boulevard, according to the AAA Fuel Price Finder. The highest recorded prices were $3.88 without discounts at the Sheetz stations on Lager Drive, Eastern Boulevard, East Washington Street, Potomac Avenue, South Potomac Street and Virginia Avenue.

Around the rest of the state, prices for regular grade gas were $3.67 in Baltimore on Thursday, $3.89 in Cumberland, $3.67 in Salisbury, and $3.73 in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C.

Despite the record numbers, prices are still expected to decrease toward the end of the year as it gets closer to winter, but calendar day records may still be broken as well as record highs in different states, according to the weekend gas watch. Crude oil was at $91.71 per barrel at its last close, down from $91.85 the previous week.

The highest recorded price on record in Hagerstown for regular grade gas is $4.04 on June 11, 2008, and in Maryland it is $4.05 on June 17, 2008, according to the fuel gauge.

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