United Way volunteers spruce up homes for annual Day of Caring

October 10, 2012|By RICHARD F. BELISLE |
  • Triad Engineering Inc employees Billie Swailes, Bradley Reynolds and Jonathan Taylor, install a porch railing on Paulette Wright's Maugansville home Wednesday during the United Way of Washington County Day of Caring.
By Joe Crocetta/Staff Photographer

WASHINGTON COUNTY — United Way took its Day of Caring to private homes Wednesday.

As part of the United Way of Washington County Day of Caring, workers from Triad Engineering, Inc., helped install a railing on a front porch for Maugansville resident Paulette Wright to keep her disabled child, Hailey, from running off.

“She loves the outside, and I’ve been wanting a porch so that Hailey can enjoy the outside but be contained so that she does not run into the street,” Wright said. “It’s really wonderful and I know that she’s going to enjoy it.”

Hailey, 12, suffers from traumatic brain injury, according to Wright, 32.

Wright said that the railing will create a better quality of life for the whole family, which includes her husband, Raymond, 32, and their children Raymond, Jr., 9, Brianna, 7, and Makayla, 5.

“When we come outside I have to rush everyone in because if the door is open Hailey will just jet out to the street,” she said. “We’ll all be able to enjoy this whether she’s just on the porch with us and some of the kids are in the yard or we’re all enjoying the porch.”

In addition to installing a railing at 17934 Alpine Dr. in Maugansville, the workers from Triad Engineering also put a fan on the porch and removed some of the bushes in the yard. The company is an employee-owned firm of engineers and scientists based in Hagerstown, according to its website.

Six volunteers from the company were at the house, and the project cost about $400, according to Bradley Reynolds, regional manager for the company. United Way of Washington County paid for it.

“We want to make the environment a little more comfortable for them,” Reynolds said. “It’s about helping people in need.”

Reynolds added that Triad was scheduled to go to another location in Hagerstown later that day to help level a resident’s concrete.

“Working for the community is just a blessing,” Reynolds said. “This is always a great day for us because we get to go out and help the community.”

Wright said that United Way of Washington County and Triad Engineering got involved with the project when Hailey’s service coordinator contacted her and asked if there was anything that needed to be done for Hailey. After telling them what she needed, she said they were “more than willing” to help out.

United Way of Washington County Community Impact Director Jenny Fleming said that in recent years the organization has been reaching out to different social workers to see if they could help more individuals.

“There seems to be a great need for elderly and disabled residents,” she said. “We’ve reached out to have different social workers refer clients.”

Wednesday was the 21st Day of Caring for United Way of Washington County, according to Fleming. Throughout the day volunteers are placed in different locations to work on community service projects throughout the county, according to its website.

Fleming said that about 930 people were being helped out Wednesday in Washington County, including 73 on-site project locations.

“A lot of the volunteers are inspiring others,” Fleming said. “As soon as one team volunteers for a resident or a nonprofit, they see the great need for help in the county and talk to others about it around the area.”

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