Smithsburg to install speed-enforcement cameras in school zone

October 04, 2012|By DAVE McMILLION |

SMITHSBURG — Smithsburg Town Council members have given final approval to setting up a speed camera system in an attempt to correct a reoccurring speeding problem around the town’s three public schools on North Main Street.

The move came during a Tuesday night town council meeting.

At last month’s town council meeting, Smithsburg Police Chief George Knight said speeding has been significant in the area of Smithsburg High School, Smithsburg Elementary School and Smithsburg Middle School.

“Our efforts in this area have not worked like I would have liked them to,” Knight said during Tuesday’s meeting.

The speed camera system is the same as the ones that recently were installed in Hagerstown, said Mayor Mildred “Mickey” Myers. The camera system will snap photos of motorists speeding in the school zone and speeding tickets will be mailed to violators, Myers said.

The system will be set up at no cost to the town, Myers said.

A company that manages the system will install it and will get part of the proceeds from fines, Myers said.

Although details of how the proceeds can be divided can be changed, Myers said the town and the company were looking at the company getting 61 percent of the proceeds and the town getting the rest of the money.

Council members discussed where to put the system.

Although council members approved the system, Myers said the town does not have to use it should a problem arise.

Myers said she believes the camera system will be operational around Dec. 1.

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