Letters to the Editor - Oct. 3

October 03, 2012

Brightman and Williams for school board

To the editor:

As we get closer to election day, I am asked more and more about the current school board candidates. While the school-board election may not be as newsworthy as the president or the mayor, the very people who you choose to serve on a school board will help shape the very lives of our children. Let me tell you why voting for Donna Brightman and Melissa Williams will help shape our children’s lives in the most positive, productive ways.

Both candidates are actively involved in our community and school system. They give of themselves in a very honest and earnest way. I remember a few years back when we were considering an outside classroom at Old Forge. When trying to figure out how we would render the plans, I had asked Brightman for her help, as this was her background. She gladly volunteered her time and expertise to help us with the plans and get us on our way.

After the last election, several parents got together to meet monthly to talk about school issues. While some board members simply just dismissed us, Brightman asked if she could come to one of our meetings and listen, and she did.

Melissa Williams is a new candidate, but has a true soul for the students. We have never had a school-related conversation where she did not frame the issue around how to help the student first and foremost. Her experience and commitment is stellar. What really makes Melissa stand out is having worked in so many different areas of our school system, expanding her reach and understanding.

But the reason behind voting for these two women goes beyond logistics. Every candidate touts logistics. Brightman and Williams believe that parents are part of the solution. Parents need to be involved, engaged and encouraged. Donna and Melissa will work toward a more inclusive relationship with parents, and that is so very important. Our children spend their days on two teams, half their day with teachers and half their day with parents. It’s time to bring these teams together, and to change course from the current board directives. Donna Brightman and Melissa Williams know it’s not about them, it’s about our children, our community and our future.

Dottie Gruhler

Stadium won’t jumpstart the downtown

To the editor:

Newsflash to Art Callaham regarding his Sunday, Sept. 23, column concerning the stadium. 

You want facts? The $15 million pledge from the private investor hasn’t hit the bank account yet. The University System of Maryland and the Barbara Ingram School didn’t jumpstart downtown development, and the stadium won’t either. 

So far, I see no private investors clamoring to make investments.  Lew Metzner has it right: It needs to be at minimal expense to the taxpayers.

Tim Bussard

This president has had his chance

To the editor:

Americans are tired and fed up, Mr. President. Sure, there are those who remain under your spell.

We are tired of the insidious destruction of our nation by weak, inept leadership. We are tired of giving billions of dollars to nations who spew hate for America, kill our ambassadors, call for our destruction, and storm our embassies to replace our flag with al Qaeda flags.

We are tired of your contempt for our allies, like Israel, while bowing to our enemies. We are tired of this White House leaking our most precious national secrets that place our troops in greater danger in order that you might appear tough on national defense as we approach the presidential election.

We are tired of businesses closing all around us, resulting in 23 million Americans unemployed or underemployed. We are tired of your hollowing out and weakening our military in order to pay for freebies for the many who refuse to work … all while the Middle East burns and hate for America grows exponentially.

 We are tired of your executive orders, bypassing Congress (the legitimate lawmakers), which are unconstitutional. We are tired of your cronyism and corruption, giving billions to Solyndra and such companies that were predicted to go “belly-up” by the Congressional Budget Office.

We are tired of your incessant spending that has seen our national debt exceed $16 trillion, as well as your looting of over 700 billion dollars from Medicare to pay for Obamacare and taxpayer-funded abortions. We are tired of the doubling of gas prices since you were inaugurated. And we are especially tired of seeing our 401(k) dwindle to nothing after decades of saving towards our retirement, and having key provisions of our health insurance coverage dropped.

We are tired of a biased and corrupt media that lies and embellishes on your behalf, thus relinquishing any code of moral standards.We are tired of your use of class warfare to divide this nation, whether by race, religion, gender or social status.

We are tired of your ill-advised policy of printing money that devalues the dollar, lowers our nation’s credit rating, and makes goods cost more for families who are scrimping to get by.

We could go on, Mr. President, but hopefully you get the point.  Clint Eastwood was right: The joblessness (as a result of your less than poor performance) is a disgrace. And when someone cannot get the job done, you have to let them go. We can appreciate that you are indeed a nice guy and we wish you no ill-will. Perilous times call for drastic measures. Hope is not a strategy and change is not a destination. One can be elected on hope, but one cannot (and should not) be re-elected on hope.

Thus, it is well beyond the time for a proven leader — there is just too much at stake!

Jim Rosko

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