Letter to the Editor - Oct. 1

October 01, 2012

Don’t shoot down every innovation

To the editor:

A few years after the Civil War a trend was developing in America to bring on a new innovation known as “indoor plumbing.” Some of the visionaries in populated towns and communities saw this as a technology that might have some use locally. There was even talk that those in the town might be interested by having running water in the house instead of fetching water from the cistern. According to knowledge available it could lead to human waste elimination far beyond the process available at the time.

But there were some, of course, who saw no advantage to this new innovation and since it would cost something, what presently existed was quite sufficient. They argued that as long as there was plenty of rain water in the cistern. As for indoor plumbing, that was not necessary because that little shed out back was satisfactory for them.

Well as you know Hagerstown has indoor plumbing. Then along came electricity. Again this technology offered a lot but it cost more than some were willing to pay. After all they had kerosene lamps and candles for light. Nevertheless Hagerstown got electricity.

Likewise many things have come to Hagerstown over the years that were “objectionable” to some but certainly benefited the population as a whole. Just recently there was strong opposition to locating the YMCA where it presently stands. Drive by it any day and see an overwhelming success story.

The naysayers to the new stadium and entertainment center need to take a realistic view of the future of our community. Do your homework. Research the issue before shooting it down. Attend meetings that offer facts regarding the proposed new project before shooting from the hip.

I’ve talked to many naysayers and listened in on their conversations and it is clear they are uninformed or misinformed regarding the facts.

I implore you to become informed. Think of the future.

Donald Day

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