Restaurant inspections for May 2012

September 29, 2012

The following food service establishments were inspected by the Washington County Health Department in May and found to have critical violations that needed to be corrected immediately:

Cafe del Sol, 1481 Salem Ave. — * sandwich prep unit containing ham, feta cheese, deli meats, lettuce and tomatoes out of temperature (corrected, all food less than two hours old removed and cooled in walk-in cooler, no food was discarded); french fries and ciabatta panini observed on floor of walk-in freezer (corrected); drain below three-compartment sink slow draining, backflow device partially clogged; must use paper towels at kitchen prep sink; rinse cycle on kitchen dishwashing unit not functioning.

Subway, 17301 Valley Mall Road — * one bag of cubed sliced chicken observed out of temperature at 47.9 degrees on prep table (corrected, moved to walk-in cooler at cool at 41 degrees or less); sanitizer level was at 400 parts per million in three-compartment sink, pre-mix solution needs adjustment to 200 parts per million; hand sink obstructed by food pans (corrected); crooked light cover observed over storage area; condenser fan cover missing in walk-in freezer; HACCP plant not available on site.

Walmart, 17850 Garland Groh Blvd. — * dented can of corned beef hash marked for discarding, dent observed on rim (corrected); must correct condensation build-up in ice cream walk-in freezer and bakery freezer; thermometers must be replaced in some refrigeration units.

The following food service establishments were inspected by the Washington County Health Department in May and found to have sanitation violations that must be corrected within 30 days:

AC&T, Burhans Boulevard Exxon, 301 N. Burhans Blvd. — must replace missing ceiling tiles in storage room.

Celebrations Catering, 19411 Cortland Drive — must repair ice machine covers; must store pots inverted; uncovered product in refrigerator.

Dixie Diner, 4 Main St., Smithsburg — spray bottles not labeled (corrected); must clean hood filters; must have lid for trash can in women’s restroom (corrected).

Fireside Restaurant & Lounge, 1716 Underpass Way — general cleaning needed under and behind grill line against wall; back door must be kept closed (corrected, air curtain turned on).

Funkstown Tavern, 23 Funkstown Road, Funkstown — must shorten drains on three-compartment sink to allow air gap; floors in kitchen must be cleaned.

Gracie’s Place, 3 W. Baltimore St., Funkstown  — products in refrigerator must be labeled and dated; squeeze bottle must be labeled; hand sanitizer must be relocated; must replace broken floor tile; must clean can opener; must clean outside of ice machine; must seal outside door; single-service food items must be elevated off floor.

Hancock Elementary School, 290 W. Main St., Hancock — must repair cracks on walls in storeroom; must repair cracks in floor in storeroom.

Head Start of Washington County, 1048 Noland Drive — quaternary test strips must be used for wiping cloths; a copy of a stamped, approved HACCP plan must be kept in the food preparation area.

Hartle’s Subs, 22317 Jefferson St., Smithsburg — hood filters must be cleaned; thermometer missing in small freezer (corrected); lights not working in walk-in refrigerator.

Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant, 1075 Virginia Ave. — back door propped open (corrected); food products including peanuts, noodles and mushrooms observed stored next to chemical cleaning solutions in back storage closet (corrected); rinse cycle gauge not functioning; no paper towels at front prep hand sink (corrected); test strips must be used for wiping cloth sanitizing solution (corrected).

Leitersburg Cinemas, 20145 Leitersburg Pike — bare wood observed; broken urinal in restroom; freezer needs cleaned.

Long John Silvers, 17301 Valley Mall Road — low light observed in walk-in freezer; must repair hinge on sandwich prep unit; tiles must be repaired by back door and storage area.

Pizza Hut, 224 W. Main St., Hancock — must clean air intake on soda machine; top of dish machine must be cleaned (corrected); shelves throughout restaurant must be cleaned; sanitizer observed at 200 parts per million, must be maintained at 50 parts per million.

Railroad Junction, 808 Noland Drive — back door needs a proper seal; general cleaning needed behind ice machine and on top of dishwasher unit; must clean ventilation hood above grill line (management stated that new hood filters have been ordered).

The Rhubarb House, 12 Public Square — covered trash can needed in women’s restroom.

Robinwood Liberty, 20505 Jefferson Blvd. — wipe cloths must be stored in sanitizer (corrected); must repair broken floor tiles and countertop; sweep must be installed on outside door (corrected).

Rocky’s Pizza & Caffe Napoli, 40 N. Potomac St. — back door observed propped open and screen not secured (corrected); thermometers needed in all cold-hold units (corrected); hand soap missing at basement prep sink, sink also was obstructed by table with dirty dishes piled on top.

7-Eleven, 802 Salem Ave. — soap dispenser in back room by three-compartment sink must be repaired; paper towels must be stored by hand sink.

Sheetz, 192 W. Main St., Hancock — must clean freezer inside; must repair cove base in dishwashing room; must remove excessive ice build-up in walk-in freezer.

Smithsburg Athletic Boosters, 66 N. Main St., Smithsburg — questionable hood system; recommended relocating bug zapper from over three-compartment sink.

Sportsmen Den, 223 W. Franklin St. — door cover to ice machine is missing and has been temporarily covered with plastic (work order in place for repair); must repair floor in back room to ensure it is smooth and easy to clean, must also repair floor by three-compartment sink; back door observed to be propped open with no screen, front door also left open (front door open due to broken air conditioner); base coving must be repaired in men’s and women’s restrooms; men’s restroom needs paper towels; must repair floor of walk-in cooler.

Stop Buy N’ See, 21170 Millers Church Road — floors need to be cleaned; flies observed.

Virginia Barbeque, 17301 Valley Mall Road — air gap needed under three-compartment sink; test strips missing; bottles of barbecue sauce observed stored next to bleach bottles (corrected, moved to cabinet free of chemicals).

The following food service establishments were inspected in May and were found to have no violations: AC&T, 1615 Wesel Blvd.; Bittersweet Herb Farm, 1585 Potomac Ave.; Blue Mountain Deli, 1580 Potomac Ave.; Broadfording Christian Academy, 13535 Broadfording Road; Brook Lane Health Services, 13210 Brook Lane Drive; Clear Spring High School; Dutch Country Produce, Pennsylvania Dutch Market; Dutch Country Pretzel, Dutch Country Market; Food Lion, 17718 Virginia Ave.; Hampton Inn, 8300 Park Circle; Hancock Middle/Senior High School; Hartle’s Subs, 1301 Marshall St., Martin L. “Marty” Snook Memorial Park pool, 17901 Halfway Blvd.; Peach Town Liberty, 21322 Leitersburg Pike; Port City Java, 1555 Potomac Ave.; Sheetz, 17550 Virginia Ave.; Sweetsies Eats & Treats, 14911 National Pike, Clear Spring; Target, 17213 Cole Road; and Washington County Senior Center, 626 Washington Ave.

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