Totem Pole moves closer to $250,000 fundraising goal

September 28, 2012|By ROXANN MILLER |
  • Totem Pole Playhouse east of Fayetteville, Pa., in Caledonia State Park.
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FAYETTEVILLE, Pa. — It’s down to the wire for Totem Pole Playhouse, which set Monday as the deadline to raise $250,000 in order for the curtain to go up on another season.

The Playhouse’s board of directors announced fundraising efforts Aug. 29, with a goal of raising the money by Oct. 1.

Artistic Director Ray Ficca said he’s optimistic the goal will be met in time to save the theater.

“We have over $200,000 in the bank and a matching grant of up to $20,000,” Ficca said Friday afternoon.

There also have been many online donations, he said.

The Robbie Limon concert Sept. 16 brought in about $15,000 toward the goal, he said.

Donations will be accepted through Monday morning.

Ficca said he’ll make an announcement Monday about the future of the theater.

“I am very optimistic,” he said.

He said the theater staff usually plans for its season nearly a year and a half before the season begins.

“If we get this money ($250,000), we go into almost guerilla season-planning mode,” he said.

Theater officials have said the theater’s recent problems are due to a combination of high-quality performances and low ticket prices.

“The financial byproduct of this fiscally responsible effort is this: We do not have the capital resources needed to make the leap to the larger and better-known programming we feel we need to produce in order to survive,” Dana Witt, theater board president, has said.

If the fundraising goal is met, the goal is to offer bigger, well-known productions such as Tony award-winning Broadway musicals or Tony-nominated Broadway musicals; classic, bigger-cast comedies; and shows that have consistently attracted Totem Pole audiences.

For more information about the fundraising campaign, go or call 1-888-805-7056.

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