Senior citizens meal program at Walnut Towers to resume

September 21, 2012|By DAN DEARTH |

A program that serves meals to senior citizens at Walnut Towers in Hagerstown is expected to resume in a few weeks.

Susan MacDonald, executive director of the Washington County Commission on Aging, said the program was put on hold at the end of July because the site manager resigned.

The Commission on Aging had to close the site while officials searched for a qualified site manager, MacDonald said. Although a new manager had not been found as of Tuesday, several applicants are in the running.

“It should be open in a couple of weeks,” she said.

The meal site at Walnut Towers at 12 S. Walnut St. provided meals for 20 to 30 seniors, MacDonald said. While the site is closed, seniors are getting fed at Potomac Towers a few blocks away. She said seniors who can’t find their own transportation between the two locations are being shuttled.

The Commission on Aging has a contract with the Washington County Board of Education to provide the meals.

MacDonald said the meals are prepared in the kitchens of several schools, then delivered to the recipients.

She said the site manager position is a challenging job. Among other things, site managers have to make schedules, register participants, order the meals and ensure that the food is handled properly.

“There’s a lot of responsibility associated with it,” MacDonald said.

Potomac Towers and Walnut Towers are public housing complexes operated by the Hagerstown Housing Authority.

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