Letter to the Editor - Sept. 20

September 20, 2012

Dog park needs more thought

To the editor:

I’m writing this because of yet another half-done Hagerstown enterprise: A dog park at Hager Park.

I’m writing this because the proposed site is less than two-thirds of an acre! I’m writing this because a well-known television personality who works with dogs for a living says he’s been bitten more times by Chihuahuas than all the other breeds put together.

He calls them the Devil Dog. On which side of the fence are you going to put them, the timid or the bold ? 

If they aggravate a big bold dog they’re in real trouble; if they are put with little timid dogs, the little timid dogs are in trouble.  I’m writing this because Rodney Tissue of the city said this park was as much about the people getting together and building a sense of community as it is about the dogs.

Does that mean the dog is not going to be the center of attention while humans gab? I’m writing this because the city has said since there’s no fee, it’s not responsible for injuries to dogs or humans, or for policing the place and for maintaining it. How much damage has to occur before the city will eventually close it down?  How many dogs have to be maimed or killed?

I’m writing this because dogs, as with other mute animals and children, have no voice; they have no choice and, by the way, Hager Park is used by the Little League for informal practice, and by the neighborhood children.

Mary W. Haines

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