Proposed new rules would boost sidewalk cafes in Waynesboro

September 20, 2012|By JENNIFER FITCH |

WAYNESBORO, Pa. — Proposed changes to Borough of Waynesboro regulations could make it easier to open sidewalk cafes in town.

The Waynesboro Borough Council is considering adopting an ordinance that would allow tables and chairs within the public right of way. Those items would be required to “remain movable” if the ordinance passes as proposed.

The council is soliciting feedback on the ordinance and might vote on it in late November, Borough Manager Lloyd Hamberger said Wednesday.

“That’s exactly what I thought we should have,” Councilman Mike Cermak said of the latest draft.

The ordinance would affect the “downtown business district” zone centered on Main Street, making outdoor dining areas a conditional use that would have to go before the council members for their review prior to approval.


In July, property owner Harry Morningstar questioned the council about a violation notice he received from the municipality’s zoning officer. The notice concerned outdoor seating at the Waynesburger, 100 W. Main St., being one foot within the public right of way on the sidewalk.

The discussion that followed Morningstar’s comments led to the ordinance being drafted.

In the proposed ordinance, outdoor dining areas could be placed in the front, side or rear yard of a restaurant. That business would be required to leave at least five feet free of obstruction for a pedestrian walkway along streets.

Outdoor dining areas in the rear yard of a restaurant would be required to have a fence separating them from adjacent properties.

When it is advertised for consideration, the ordinance will have an unrelated matter attached. That section will propose increasing the size of the zoning hearing board from three members to five members.

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