Letters to the Editor - Sept. 17

September 17, 2012

Don’t scrap a worthy, successful program

To the editor:

Contrary to what Mary Burkholder says, there is everything to fear from the Ryan “destroy Medicare” plan. My wife and I have been covered under Medicare for 10 years. It is a great program and has worked very well for us. Medicare should be preserved in its present form for all seniors, now and in the future. There is absolutely no reason to turn Medicare into an insurance company boon.

There is no problem with Medicare, that can’t be fixed and preserved for eternity. It would be very expensive to pay insurance companies for our care, and we would not receive the care we get now. Insurance companies’ business is making money. They pay enormous salaries to executives, CEOs and directors, as well as dividends to shareholders.

None of this provides any medical care. Ryan’s plan, is just to turn Medicare participants’ and contributors’ money over to insurance companies. They will use our money to buy more lobbyists and politicians to do their bidding.

If there is a funding problem with Medicare, do what the insurance companies do — raise the premiums . It will be much cheaper than insurance companies. Americans have used and preserved Medicare for all the years since inception, and should continue for the future.

Children and grand children should ask their parents and grandparents about Medicare and what it means to them. You do not destroy something to save it.

Charles Semler

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