What's Wrong With This Picture? - Sept. 17

September 16, 2012
  • A Williamsport resident submitted this photograph of a stretch of sidewalk that is missing in front of the library in Williamsport.
Submitted photo

The problem: A Williamsport resident emailed The Herald-Mail a photograph of Memorial Library in Williamsport, showing a stretch of sidewalk that is missing in front of the library at 104 E. Potomac St.

The man said that while living elsewhere, he had to replace a sidewalk at his own expense, and “this situation irritates me every time I walk into this library.”

“There is sidewalk on both sides of the gap to include half of the library’s property,” the man wrote. “I assume that the section is missing because of the telephone pole, but that doesn’t make it right.”

“A wheelchair-bound person getting hit in the road because of this missing section will do well in a lawsuit,” the man wrote.

Who can fix it: The Town of Williamsport

What they say: Town Councilman Bill Green, who oversees Williamsport’s streets and sidewalks, wrote in an email that the town has a plan for the sidewalks.


“That section of sidewalk has been that way for years,” Green wrote. “We do have plans to relocate the telephone pole and to continue the section of sidewalk.”

Green said the project is expensive, which has limited progress in resolving the issue, but the town has been looking into acquiring federal Americans with Disabilities Act grants, as well as grant funds through the state to make the project more affordable.

“We are also looking into other ways to get this done,” he wrote. “There is a lot involved with it; just relocating a telephone pole seems to be an issue all on its own. We are looking at other routes to take, but I am unable to discuss them until after we go forward.”

— Compiled by C.J. Lovelace

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